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As with a lot of things, a big secret is to follow the example set by “Mother Nature” (namely, our ‘CREATOR’).  The Bible tells us to go to the Anthill (i.e. All ‘Nature’), and study their ways and be wise”. (Proverbs Ch:6 verse:6) .  The wild animals, birds and insects don’t get sick, so Mother Nature seems to know best,  but we, on the other hand, know far better, and we make our own rules ,regulations and consume pills by the dozen, thus bringing about our downfall.  We should, therefore, look very carefully at what Mother Nature has to teach us.(but we never listen, do we ?!!).

In fairly recently discovered ancient manuscripts of the Essenese (dating from about 200 B.C.) a lot is stated about following Nature’s examples.   Jesus was a member of this very strict sect, and he is reported as enlarging on the “Go to this Anthill” business , , , ,   He says,  and I quote:-

“For I tell you truly, all living creatures are nearer to God than the scriptures are.  God made life and all living creatures that they might be the everlasting word, that  teaches the Laws of God to man. Such teachings are for ever present in the earth, in the plants, in the sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand their tongue and the will of the living God. But we close our eyes and shut our ears”. (the heavy print and underlining is mine, of course!).

The foregoing is an extract from the book: “The Essene Gospel of Peace” researched and translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely Ph.D. who was Librarian to the Royal Asiatic Society of India and a speaker of over 10 modern languages.



Polar Bear (Sow), Arctic National Wildlife Ref...

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Looking at Nature as our example, mostly all wild life lives every day AND NIGHT surrounded by trillions of leaves and wild flowers.( I say “mostly” as there are, of course, a few exceptions such as  Polar Bears and  Desert Rats and so on )  So why don’t we  follow suit?   Fill every room in your home with lots of green foliage AND THIS INCLUDES THE BEDROOMS.  Some so called  ”Medical Experts” advise against the latter,  but nobody has told the birds and animals this, so they, very inadvisably,  sleep amongst trillions of leaves in the trees and bushes , , ,  , poor misguided things!!!


Actually, there is a very sound Scientific explanation which fully supports this that runs as follows:-      During the daylight hours, leaves absorb sunlight and convert the surrounding Carbon Dioxide, (that has a nullifying effect on our brains and bodies) into Oxygen. (That has an electrifying and invigorating effect on us). This process is called “PHOTOSYNTHESIS”. At night, this process is reversed, and Oxygen is converted into Carbon Dioxide which dulls our senses and helps us sleep soundly.

It is interesting to note that in the mornings, as soon as the sun comes up, when Oxygen is once again released into the surrounding air, this has such an electrifying effect from all the trillions of surrounding leaves, that it makes the birds almost drunk with happiness and they sing their heads off like a lot of souls in the local pub!!! (Oh! So THAT explains it!!!!).

Another “Perk” of being surrounded by lots of greenery is that it easily and quickly absorbs all your unwholesome harmful negative energy.

The Bottom Line === Surround yourself with Green Leaves at ALL TIMES, as the perfect example in Nature set by the birds and the animals.



As a totally irrelevant side issue, talking of birds , , , , here is a bit of useless information that some of you might enjoy:- –  Why don’t birds fall off their branches when they go to sleep at night, when their claws become totally relaxed and so lose their grip of their branch ?  Theoretically, the ground surrounding a tree should be festooned with dopey birds!!, ,, , , ,  But it is not , , , ,   Why not??!! , ,, ,  Good question,  , , , , , ,

ANSWER;-  Birds’ claws work EXACTLY OPPOSITE to our hands, believe it or not.   In other words, whilst we have to exert muscular power to grip and clench things, birds, on he other hand, (on the other claw!!), have to exert muscular power to UNCLENCH things. Their claws, are, therefore tightly clenched onto the branch on which they are sleeping. Our natural state is un-gripping, a bird’s natural state is gripping. (In proof of this, have you ever noticed that a dead bid’s claws are always TIGHTLY CLENCHED!!).     Neat, Hey What?!

 As a Post Script:  The main reason, of course, is, that when God created Birds,  He put a SAFETY CLAWS into  their contract!!!! (Well, He did, didn’t  He??!!!).



Here is something else taught us by Mother Nature, but perhaps some of us will not like this one at all !!!  ,,,,  Mother Nature clearly shows us that all birds and animals  SLEEP IN THE DARK !    THEREFORE , , , , , WE SHOULD ALSO DO THIS AS  WELL!!!    BUT WE DON’T,   DO WE ??!!!   The invention of electric light was one of the worst inventions that ever came into being, as it has ruined our health. For now we venture into ‘Forbidden Territory’ for which our bodies were never so designed by our Creator!!


Again, let us once again look at the well established Scientific explanation for this, namely, when asleep, our bodies produce a chemical substance called MELATONIN which is vitally needed to repair damaged bodily tissues and cells. If denied  Melatonin,  our bodies will, in fact, repair themselves eventually, but at a far slower rate. The rather nasty surprise however, is that this substance CAN ONLY BE PRODUCED IN TOTAL DARKNESS  (Extract from my Encyclopedia  ===.” The secretion of the hormone ‘MELATONIN’ by the PINEAL GLAND, situated in the brain, occurs  EXCLUSIVELY IN THE DARK AND IS INHIBITED BY LIGHT {the capitals are mine}.

But this is not the end of the story, because during the daytime, your body never gets a chance to repair and replenish itself whilst you are gigging about all over the place, so this major work can ONLY  be carried out at night whilst you are asleep and totally relaxed. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is truly amazing and some of this will astound you. For instance, LEPTIN and GHRELIN hormones are regulated.  Unbalance of these causes over or under- weight problems.  Also major “House Cleaning” takes place, ridding the body of the previous day’s poisonous  waste accumulation. This is done via the urine and the pores of the skin (sometimes referred to as “Night Sweat”).

Incidentally, this is why you should try and bath or shower first thing on getting out of bed in the morning so as to get rid of this moisture. Failure to do this could lead to all sorts of skin ailments and diseases. Some might even be absorbed back into the body and cause serious illnesses.



During sleep, any cellular damage is repaired, and MELATONIN is secreted (see above), as well as PROLACTIN, TESTOSTRONE and GROWTH HORMONES . Also, that part of your brain that controls your emotions requires complete rest for at least 8 hours in order to recover from the previous day and to prepare for the following day’s  emotional onslaughts!   So, if you don’t get at least 8 hours sleep per night in order for ALL this work to be carried out, you are certainly headed for severe health problems.  Reduce this time at your peril!!



We were created in such a way that all these nightly functions are controlled by our body’s BIOLOGICAL CLOCK and this is termed  ” CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS”.  These are set by the rhythmic changes of dark to light  then back to light again. So we, and all nature, were designed to sleep when it goes dark and awaken when it gets light again. By not doing so, we are fighting our own Circadian Rhythm.  (This, of course, is the reason for “Jet-Lag” when we dash all over the globe and violate the sequence).



Incidentally, did you know that in laboratories VIRUSES cannot be stored in the usual way as, being so extremely minute in size, they can easily pass through the atomic structure of the containing walls of conventional containers!. (No! I don’t know how laboratories overcome these Escape Artists!!).  



As I said above, some of this may come as a rather nasty surprise to some folks. This better sleeping habit could, perhaps,  be introduced and developed very gradually by reducing the light slowly over a period (such as having a light “on” in the passageway, then gradually closing the bedroom door bit by bit) ,,,,, As they say

“Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey!!

The Bottom Line === Go to bed and wake up as Mother Nature intended you to do, and you will sleep more soundly and be far more healthy in Body Mind and Spirit.



Let me quote an ‘Underlying Principle’ of nature dug out of  one of my Medical Books  === “ABNORMAL RESPONSES (Paralysis and  Disease etc ) RESULTS FROM UN-NATURAL STIMULI  (Electric light!!)”.(Inserted Italics are mine).  Examples of this are animals that are “frozen to the spot” (Paralysis) when caught in a car’s headlights. When we extend daylight artificially by the means of electric light, although we are not aware of the fact, the cells in our human bodies also react in a similar way that can, eventually, even turn cancerous!!!  (WOW !!).



Talking of Mother Nature and “Greenery”, you should try and find occasion to walk barefoot in the green grass whenever possible. This literally, and electrically, ”Earths” all your unwholesome harmful negative energies through your bare feet, as these form a splendid  ‘Electrostatic Connection to Earth’ via its leaves and stems and from thence into its roots. Thus deep into the surrounding ground all your “nasties” go!!  If damp from dew or rain etc: so much the better. All your ‘unwholesome negativity’ is thus very quickly discharged and dissipated.   Dare I drum it in?  Animals don’t wear shoes (except horses, but then WE stick them on anyway, don’t we?!).

Yet a further thought regarding going barefoot.,,,  In many Religions, adherents are instructed to remove their shoes and sandals  whenever entering a ‘Holy Place’.  This actually, has a sound Scientific / Medical basis, namely, there is (see the foregoing paragraph), a natural grounding of all unwholesome harmful negative charges. If there is a large gathering, then there will be a  Powerful Spiritual and Healthy Upliftment for all present!



Following on from the foregoing, another way of dissipating unwholesome negative energies is to place a bowl of water at your bedside.  All your nasty negative energies will be absorbed into the water whilst you sleep. You MUST  throw it down the drain afterwards, don’t water your plants with it under any circumstances.

13: HUG A TREE !!!

When no one is looking (or you might be “committed!!)  HUG A TREE. (I have heard of this from many sources). Trees are keepers of wisdom (e.g. “The Tree of Knowledge” in the Bible), and they have boundless LOVE!

If you have a problem, sit under a tree, preferably a very old one, and mentally ask its advice. Then empty your mind of all distracting thoughts and notice what thought come into your head unhindered. It might be worth a try. What have you got to loose, anyway ?


This should be obvious, but nobody seldom does this, even I myself!!  Namely, we should blow our noses  AT  EVERY  CONCEIVABLE  OPPORTUNITY  BUT  NOT  INTO  A HANDKERCHIEF!!    The nose houses a wonderful filtering system comprising very fine hairs and also a sticky mucous fluid which very effectively traps all the germs that would otherwise enter our lungs. But we abuse it most terribly by allowing the germs to accumulate beyond the filtering system’s saturation point, and Hey! Presto!  into our lungs  they go! . So it is no wonder that we ‘pick up’ germs for colds and flu’ and goodness knows what else so very easily!

Therefore, even if you are exceedingly healthy, whenever you go to “The Little Boys Room” or “The Ladies” or whatever else you call it, (even if it is to only to open or shut a window!) BLOW YOUR NOSE  FOR GOODNESS SAKE on the toilet paper and flush it away for the fishes to catch a cold and not you!!

The reason for limiting the use of a handkerchief which I mentioned above is that you are only keeping the deadly germs nice and warm,  thank you very much, all primed and ready for you to breathe them in the next time you use it. If there is no other alternative, however, then DON”T  HOLD  THE  HANDKERCHIEF  UP TO  YOUR NOSE  AS  YOU ARE TAKING  A  HUGE  GULP OF AIR  READY  TO  BLOW  (I’ll leave you to work out why not?!!).The Bottom Line? , , ,Blow your nose often.


Again, following the examples set by ‘Nature’, what do all animals do when they wake up? Answer== THEY  STRETCH ! ,,,,,, SO WHY DON”T YOU?!!  This is nature’s way of getting vital blood with all its Oxygen and other nourishments to every part of your body,  and it also wakes up the nervous system.  Animals do it naturally, (they did not go to “StretchSchool” when they were still ‘Animal Children’!!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, stretch out your legs, arms, hands, fingers (like a Fan) (just like you see a pet cat or dog do), and, incidentally, whilst in the process of doing this, inhale deeply and hold it for 10 to 20  seconds. Then let it out very slowly whilst relaxing your muscles. Do this several times over the period of about two minutes. Whenever you get the opportunity, do it a few times during the course of the day. A splendid opportunity, is whilst driving your car.



 If you can’t find the GERMOLINE or DETOL  or a similar Antiseptic when you have a sore, simply apply SPIT !!  Spit is a wonderfully powerful antiseptic (but ONLY when used by an individual on himself or herself). Yet again, looking at Mother Nature ===  All ‘Child-Animals’ are taught  to do this in ‘Lick School’ in order to disinfect their wounds and thus allow them to heal quickly!!

Another good tip,,,,  if you can’t find the usual antiseptics to put on a wound,  put TOOTHPASTE on it!! . It sticks nicely to it and it is full of antibiotics and other germ killing goodies .(according to all the adverts’  anyway!!). .

And talking of Toothpaste, rather spread the paste ACROSS your brush NOT ALONG IT .  . . . That is all the amount you actually need, and you will cut down your toothpaste costs by about 75% !!!!!

Finally, Cayenne Pepper is also an EXTREMELY powerful Antiseptic AND HEALING AGENT!!!

(However, you may need something sticky like Vaseline or Butter etc: to keep it in place).



1: Let it bleed for a minute or two, to clear away any impurities in the cut.

2; Hold the injury  ABOVE your heart, approximately level with your head, or even higher. This reduces the blood pressure at the site of the damage and also assists in the clotting process that stops the bleeding. .(Unless you intend joining a Circus, you may have difficulty doing this with cuts on your feet!!!).



Watching the sun as it sets just as it starts to disappear over the horizon (i.e. when you can look at it without sunglasses), this will give you a peaceful night’s sleep, as it clears out the day’s accumulated clogged energy patterns!

Similarly, watching the sun rise in a morning will put you in tune with nature, putting you in wonderfully fine form for the rest of the day.

Open your hands to the sunlight, mentally absorbing its energy, then place them over your heart to transfer this energy to your body. This has amazing health giving qualities.



An Italian adage says “Where the sun does not enter, THE DOCTOR DOES!”  Whilst too much sun can be harmful, there are far greater health risks by not having enough sun.   Statistics prove, conclusively, that more people die from diseases associated with sunlight deprivation than they do from skin cancer. This is because sunlight is the greatest provider of vitamin D, and without this, you could succumb to any number of a long list of diseases. The taking of vitamin D supplements IS NO SUBSTITUTE either!  A study of over 22,000 School Students proved beyond any doubt, that where classrooms were exposed to lots of sunlight, the end of term test results WERE HIGHER BY OVER 26%!



 Sunlight lowers your Bloody Pressure! (naughty Poppa!). It is also very beneficial to those suffering from Diabetes as it has an insulin-like effect, namely, it cancels out excess sugar in the blood stream. . For even further good measure, it lowers cholesterol.


The following tit-bit is amazing! – Sunlight entering the body via the eyes goes straight to the pineal gland in the brain which then triggers the production of SEROTONIN. This is a protective hormone in the body which is vital for good health as it keeps us calm and regulates the craving for carbohydrates. Too much of the latter will send our weight sky-rocketing besides doing other untold damage.



Animals and Birds don’t wear sun Glasses, at least not any of those that I have seen up until now!!  Our Divine Creator must have had a good reason for this and I have sniffed out the following Scientific explanation:-






When you wear Sun Glasses your brain gets the wrong message about the amount of sunlight coming into your body via your eyes, namely, far less than normal.  Consequently your brain does not trigger as much SEROTONIN  as it would have done otherwise. So now your body is ‘Off Balance’ because your brain thinks you are getting only a little sunshine, whereas, in fact, you may be actually getting far too much, so all your natural protective devices that should have kicked in, have not  done so. The results could be disastrous health-wise..



Whilst throwing out you Sun-Glasses also throw out your SUN-SCREEN CREAMS!  These are laden with chemicals that are greedily absorbed by the pores of the skin. In doing so, however, THEY BLOCK OUT THE SUN’S  ESSENTIAL ULTRA VIOLET RAYS REQUIRED FOR THE PRODUCTION (THROUGH THE SKIN) OF  THE  VITAL VITAMIN “D” THAT LOWERS YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE AND PREVENTS CHOLESTEROL.



Most people don’t chew their food anywhere near long enough. This is why there is a lot of illnesses about. You may not know this, but certain nutriments and vitamins etc: can ONLY be absorbed into the body via the Tongue and the Mouth.  The remainder of that particular mouthful of food just goes to waste, as the Stomach and Intestines are totally incapable of absorbing it.  So, if you don’t chew that particular item of food long enough, you may just as well flush it down the toilet in the first place, and thereby save the rest of your Digestive System a lot of time and trouble!!!

Each mouthful, should, therefore, be chewed for at least 30 times (depending on its “chew-ability” ) before swallowing.  (Obviously you don’t chew soup 30 times!!). Preferably, you should chew until all the contents of the mouth are a “Near-Liquid- Slop”!!

“But how do I know what foods I must chew thoroughly in this way?”  you might well  ask.  .Ha Ha! you don’t!,,,, This is Nature’s little joke, just  to ensure that you chew EVERYTHING thoroughly!  The spin-off, of course, is that this also saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on your Digestive System’s machinery!



“STOP  SCRATCHING ” shouts your Mother , , , ,  But this is easier said (shouted!!) .than done. Not so ?!!  Now here is a FANTASTIC SECRET to stop an itch right in its tracks.

The brain can only handle one sensation at a time, so, if you have an itch, say, on your leg, then simply form an ‘Arch’ with your finger and thumb, and stroke gently with the finger-tips  on each side of the itch for a couple of minutes. The poor old brain, being presented with three sensations all at once, goes into a flat spin and forgets all about the itch as it tries to deal with all three.  (Neat, , , Hey Wot ?).

ALSO, , , NOTE CAREFULLY, , , Stroke in a direction AWAY from the body.  Why? Because you were originally a Fish then a Bird millions of years ago and this knowledge is built into your DNA. You don’t rub a fish or a bird against its natural scales and feathers do you?  (“You would be rubbing yourself up the wrong way if you did wouldn’t you ?/!!!).”.



Let me remind you that Jesus himself instructed us to implement a lot of the foregoing.  So  should we not all try and strive towards this?  I  do realise, however,  that going to bed as soon as it gets dark is the most revolutionary change to make  as it completely cuts across all the  accepted social and domestic ways of life.

Nevertheless,  I myself have managed to do this, and most of my acquaintances know not to telephone or visit me once it has gone dark. This, incidentally, is no deprivation of my time, as in the early morning whilst most people are still asleep, I have already showered, breakfasted and done a days work on my Computer !!

So PLEASE try and implement as much as possible of the foregoing in order to improve your quality of life and spirit.





I am a retired Electrical Engineer (Pr. Eng.) and worked for the Johanesburg Electricity Department for 30 years (being Head of a large Department), I am a Pianist and a Church Organist (I have given Recitals on the Johannesburg City Hall Organ at lunchtime Concerts). At presentI I play for Chapel Services at Elphin Lodge and at the Aldersgate Methodist Church., , , I came out to South Africa in 1953 to represent Ferguson Paiilin Switchgear Ltd. Manchester U.K.., , ,I was born on Merseyside (home of "The Beetles" !!) and served my Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship on Liverpool Docks., , , During the War I was evacuated to a Welsh Farm in North Wales ("Caerwys") and attended the Holywell Grammar School eight miles distant. There is lots more of course but this will give you just a tiny glimse of Yours Truly.

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