The following are extracts (Edited) from my other Document “Atom and Spirit” which packs a real punch on the way in which we JUDGE other people..

  We have no right TO JUDGE others for their actions, as they are only responding to ‘Karma’ bequeathed to all of us by our forefathers, , , SO ,, , , , BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD (as they say) THERE GO I ].  But let us first look at JUDGING OTHERS for their BELIEFS.

(a): It is not for us to Judge the ‘Beliefs’ of another. What you yourself REALLY TRULY believe has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else and vice versa. You must be immune from ‘External Belief Systems’. Each individual person’s REALLY TRUE “Beliefs” derive from his or her own covenant with God.  These “Finalised, Really, Deep-Deep-Down,100% True Beliefs” are the only beliefs that are imbued with DIVINE POWER, the remainder are the [maybe false] results from ‘conditioning’ or ‘speculation’ or ‘brain-washing’ from so-called ‘Religious Authorities’.[e.g. The Scribes and Pharisees in Jesus’ day].



(c ):JUDGING others is restricted by one’s personal perspective. This is because your judgement is based on two mistakes of ‘Knowledge’, , , firstly WRONG  Knowledge, and secondly INSUFFICIENT  Knowledge.


I have thought of another reason, namely, one’s judgment could be impaired because judgement creates your separation from God, (see (b) above), and this in turn distorts that very judgment, thus making one’s Mental and Spiritual Goggles’ dirty! , , , You are, in fact, standing in a bucket and trying to lift it up by its handle!.

(d) Judging others from wrong or insufficient knowledge is like the following brilliant analogy put forward by Rev: Stephen Bedard, (Baptist Minister) of the U.S.A. == , , , ,   Imagine being pulled over by a Police Officer for speeding, even though you are absolutely positive  you were not, as you were, in actual fact, far too early for an appointment and were just “dawdling along”’.   The officer did not have any evidence whatsoever from any Speed Trapping Equipment, such as a Radar Gun etc, , , , it was only just  his ”hunch”..  He then demanded that it was up to you to prove that you were not speeding.  That would be downright criminal, not so ??!!.  Yet, that is EXACTLY what you are doing when you judge others without any proof !!!!

(e):  Judgment of others causes division and this will ‘close the door of your heart’.

If you would make your heart strong, you must try and learn very hard to forgive AND FORGET.  Your heart center will then open up for you and it will give you more peaceful sleep and a better zest for life. This is because your heart is the center of your health and quality of life. You will receive more abundant fruits and more energy to make dramatic changes. Your heart center is the true source of all human power.

(f):JUSTICE is the Golden Rule for FAIR EXCHANGE. The basis of life in the universe from the most elemental particles to the most complex of human situations is “Fair    Exchange”  or “BALANCE”, as everything MUST balance out eventually. There is  a price to pay for everything. Paying too little is just as damaging as paying too much for something.  If you want to take the wind out of a salesman’s sails (sales!)    try saying something like  “Are you sure that you can afford to let me have this at    such a low price?” This shows a genuine desire to be completely fair, and sometimes the end result could well be amazingly in your favour!

 (g): Judgements are the ‘Mental Mechanics’ of separation from God and they are               nothing more than ILLUSIONS.   Your greatest protection is to BE THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.  If the temptation to judge others does come your way, you must mentally say  “BE-GONE !“., , , perhaps mentally recite nursery rhymes, ,or mentally compile your next shopping list  when you find yourself in the middle of a “Slander, Scandal or Berating  Session” with lesser souls!! , , , ,God will never allow evil to disturb the oneness of spirit between you and Himself, so long as you sincerely endeavor to obtain this. Once that you decide to LOVE and not CRITICIZE, evil can never have a hold on you. . [This of course also applies to other evils, besides that of the judgement of others!].

 (h) The ‘Original Sin’ was simply ‘JUDGMENT’. and you initiate your own consequent separation from God by doing so.

(i) Arising from all the above, ‘The Final Judgment is Judgment on Judgment itself’.

(k): It is a phenomena of nature that the human mind strives to understand, but what it fails to understand it will do one of two things, IT WILL EITHER INVENT OR IT WILL JUDGE.   Either choice will backfire and get you into trouble!!!!!! [The first MAYBE , the second DEFINITELY! ].

So whenever you yourself are faced with something you don’t quite understand or refuse to believe, STOP, and ask yourself  “Am I now about to fall into this twofold ‘INVENT or JUDGE’ trap?  Namely, (a):Try and INVENT  impossible or even stupid alternatives or explanations, or (b): JUDGE the other person unfairly or unkindly by saying something like “Don’t be so stupid you idiot” or “Why don’t you get your facts straight you ignoramus?!!”

 (l): Judgement is just about the only sin of which an otherwise perfectly pure child of God is capable of committing.,, ,It is nearly always wonderfully “juicy”, and so very tempting and ever so easy to do., , , As stated above, JUDGMENT was the ORIGINAL SIN.  The first recorded sin in the Bible was of course the eating of the forbidden fruit, but in actual fact the first probable unrecorded sin was when Eve JUDGED Adam by accusing him “Why haven’t you taken the garbage out yet and  for heaven’s sake ,stop picking your nose” etc: etc:

m): A society that uses the ‘Law’ only as a platform for ‘Judgment’ will fall into peril.

(n)::Law and the Judgement of the Courts, to the mind of man is an issue of        CORRECTNESS, but this is, very sadly, often at the expense of ‘FAIRNESS’. .

(o) :Have you ever noticed that ‘Judgments’ feed upon themselves and expand and multiply alarmingly like cancer cells?, , ,  “She can’t even open her mouth without criticizing someone or something or other!”. 

(p): Judgement is a cruel childish game of EGOS competing for top place!. The sly unspoken universally accepted intent is that he who succeeds in sustaining a judgement is above judgment himself!  BUT, ON THE OTHER HAND, LOVE KNOWS NOTHING AT ALL OF JUDGMENT.

(q): A very interesting thing is that the human mind establishes the foundations for judgement on just about anything  by dividing any situation INTO TWO PARTS


mind will also institute rules to put people down, rather than lift them up. .As mentioned above, IF YOU JUDGE, IT WILL MOST CERTINLY  BACKFIRE  ON YOU !!




I had personal experience of “ADVERSE  JUDGEMENT  in my own family. The Angels must have laughed themselves sick over this one !!     It runs as follows , , ,,

My Aunt Betty, my Mother’s youngest Sister, did not get married (although she had the opportunity) but cared for my Grandmother who was bed-ridden for many years of her life. When my Grandma finally died, she left the house and her money to Aunt Betty. (all the other Sisters were comfortably married with families). .But they did not see it this way and JUDGMENT and ANNIMOSITY ensued.  But this is only the start. Lonely, and on her own, Aunt Betty used to walk and sit in the Park (which was virtually on her doorstep) and there she met a “Park Keeper” who was a lover of nature (like Aunt Betty). So they soon became VERY close friends indeed..

Now Park-Keepers are of a “Lower Class” and never “Socialise“ with people of my families status .(“Class Distinction” ,as it is called, is alive and well in England today)..

So the Sisters were absolutely FURIOUS when they found this out. They said things like “He’s a Trickster, a Shark, a Wolf in Sheep’ Clothing., , , It’s as clear as the nose on your face that he’s only after her money”, , , ,.It’s criminal, , , that’s what it is, , , People like him ought to be locked up” and so on and so on and so on!!!. (WOW !!! , , , Talk about “JUDGEMENT!!!).      But far far worse was to come, , ,AUNT BETTY FINALLY MARRIED HIM !!!!   The end result was that Aunt Betty was JUDGED and HATED out of all proportion and was completely and utterly ostracized from then on. .

Now for the absolutely hilarious thing that must have had all the Angels rolling in the aisles, , , Joe (that was his name) was ACTUALLY A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE  who only did his Park Keeping stint for recreation.  So Aunt Betty and Joe ignored all the animosity and they both “Lived happy ever after”, as the Fairy Tales put it

Joe died first and Aunt Betty ultimately lived to be nearly 100 years old, ending up in a luxurious Nursing Home atScarboroughon the East Coast of England.

Now my Mother and myself were always on Aunt Betty’s side, (she was “My Favourite Auntie”), so when she eventually died, she left the remnant of her fortune TO ME !!  Unfortunately the Luxurious Nursing Home had gobbled up most of her “fortune” but I still got over R100,000.00. Now, of course, I had trouble with all my Cousins, who claimed that as Aunt Betty was part of the family, they were legally entitled to a share of this amount !!   But I gave it all to Charity and told them that any portion that they considered theirs should be treated as their donation to Charity, , , Problem solved !!  


But all this just goes to show that JUDGEMENT and ANIMOSITY always backfires in ways you never dreamt of.. (My other Aunties had, in fact, fired shots at the bottoms of their own boats) , , ,  But make no mistake about it, bad Judgment will ALWAYS catch up with you .at some time or other.




                                                    END  OF  DOCUMENT 



I am a retired Electrical Engineer (Pr. Eng.) and worked for the Johanesburg Electricity Department for 30 years (being Head of a large Department), I am a Pianist and a Church Organist (I have given Recitals on the Johannesburg City Hall Organ at lunchtime Concerts). At presentI I play for Chapel Services at Elphin Lodge and at the Aldersgate Methodist Church., , , I came out to South Africa in 1953 to represent Ferguson Paiilin Switchgear Ltd. Manchester U.K.., , ,I was born on Merseyside (home of "The Beetles" !!) and served my Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship on Liverpool Docks., , , During the War I was evacuated to a Welsh Farm in North Wales ("Caerwys") and attended the Holywell Grammar School eight miles distant. There is lots more of course but this will give you just a tiny glimse of Yours Truly.

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