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INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                              Someone  once asked me  “Why do you always question every statement, scientific or otherwise ?”     I couldn’t answer that one !!    Maybe it is because it is built into my genes!!, , ,,   (A husband asked  his wife: ”Why do you answer any question I ask you with another one?”  ,,,  The wife replied  “Do I ?” !!)   

Be that as it may, the same goes for the scientific statement: ‘THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS 300,000 KILOMETRES A SECOND’”,  So I say to myself  “Hey!!,  Wait a minute, I question that !!!”, , , , , ,  So I delved into this statement in my usual inimitable manner and came up with some startling results,  , The bottom line being that THIS STATEMENT IS NOT ALTOGETHER TRUE, , as it all depends on from WHERE in the Universe you are measuring it.

The above word “startling” is putting it VERY mildly indeed, , , , , , , for instance, on a very large star (I give chapter and verse later on herein)  you could even overtake the Speed of Light in a Motor Car!!!!!!!!!    But read on, my darlings, and weep !!, , , ,,

 THE SCIENTIST /  PHILOSOPHER  /  BOTANIST  /  POET:  ‘GOETHE’             The  guy, in the above heading [who, incidentally, wrote FAUST which was only discovered 555 years after his death in 1832] , proposed that the Speed of Light is NOT constant at approximately 300,000 kilometres per second (or 186,000 miles per second) throughout the Universe.  Furthermore, it has INFINITE SPEED but it is  SLOWED DOWN  to a speed depending on the Gravity and Speed through space of the planet or place from where it is being measured

I don’t know on what grounds Goethe maintained that the Speed of Light is INFINITE, but he was very adamant about this.  Einstein also held the same view and based a lot of his calculations on this fact.  (He maintained that at the Speed of Light, a body would obtain Infinite Mass)    

A SIMPLE  ANALOGY                                                                                                                       At first glance, all this might seem rather hard to swallow, but let’s look at it through the eyes of the following simple analogy , , ,

(a) Consider a bullet fired from a gun at a stationary train.

(b) If the bullet passes right through the carriage and out through the other side, the two bullet holes will be in line with each other but only if the train is stationary

(c) The bullet will be slowed down when it smacks into the train, so that its speed inside the train will be considerably less than it was initially outside the train.

(The impact would be analogous to the Force of Gravity of a Planet)

(d) So if we try and calculate the ‘outside’ speed of the bullet by timing its path across the carriage, the result will be considerably less than it should be. (Due to (c ) above).

e) Worse still, however, if the train is moving tremendously fast, then the enter and exit bullet holes will be out of line with each other, the outgoing hole now being towards the rear of the carriage. Thus, the bullet now travels  even further inside the carriage

(f): The foregoing would be analogous to the speed of a Planet through space.    In our own Solar System the Earth is tearing around the Sun and the Sun (in the 7th orbit) is tearing around ALCYONE  the central Sun  of our Milky-Way- Galaxy, (completing one revolution every 26,000 years. In addition to this, our Galaxy is also  tearing around goodness knows what else along with similar Galaxies. , , , , , Incidentally, for the record, Astronomers have named the other orbiting Suns around  Alcyone, MEROPE,  ATLAS,  MAYA,  ELECTRA,  TEYGETA,  and COLOELENO

(g) If the distance between the entry and exit holes is used to calculate the ‘outside’ speed of the bullet,(before impact) then the result will be hopelessly compromised,

(h) Furthermore, if the two bullet holes are lined up like a telescopic sight, a stationary train would give the exact line of fire  BUT if the holes are lined up when the train is hurtling along, then there will then be an enormous error in the angle of sight. Astronomers call this ‘ABERRATION’.  (Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Aberration” is “The seeming departure of a heavenly body from its proper position, or light-rays from proper focus”.

(i):But, as we have no other option than to be on the train called “Earth, our measurements are also all subject to the foregoing false parameters, yet this is the way in which we, by comparison, measure the Speed of Light!   Namely, the Speed-of- Light is slowed down by the Earth’s Gravitational  Force Field and its speed through space.  As there is no possible way of finding out the  ‘outside’ speed of the bullet from inside the train, so is it also not possible to measure the TRUE SPEED OF LIGHT  from inside the Earth’s Gravity Force Field.

(j) As examples of this, if a ‘Moon –Train’ were to be  made of CARDBOARD,  then the bullet (which we will name: “Mr. Light”) would be slowed down only very slightly and its inhabitants would be taught that the Speed of  ‘Mr. Light’  is 24 million kilometres a second.

On the other hand, if an ‘Earth- Train’ were to be made of WOOD, then ‘Mr Light‘ would be slowed down to 300,000 kilometres a second and its inhabitants taught this accordingly (which ,of course, is what is actually happening today!!),

If now a Jupiter-Train were to be made of STEEL  then ‘Mr. Light‘ could be slowed down to 943  kilometres a second and its inhabitants taught this  accordingly,

Finally, if a ‘Big-Star  (‘R136a1’) Train’ were to be made of Armor- Plating then ‘Mr Light‘ could be slowed down to 122 kilometres a second (the speed of a car!!!)  and its inhabitants taught this accordingly.

CALCULATING  THE   FOREGOING   LIGHT-SPEEDS                                             Our beloved “300,000 Metres per Second Speed of Light” serves us for most practical purposes here on earth, but it is of no earthly use (pun intended) to anyone else in the Universe.  Maybe one of the first things we must do if we ever establish ourselves more permanently on the Moon (with its low Gravitational Force) is to measure the Speed of Light from there. Our Scientists may be in for some rather unpleasant surprises!

So let’s see how we calculate these Light-Speeds , , , , , ,

1: The MOON:  This is only about 1/80th  the Mass of our Earth. So the Speed of Light would be SPEEDED UP  into the millions, as it is  80 times faster than on Earth., , , ,  In round figures, this would be (300,000 kps x  80 ) =  24,000,000 kilometres per second  (instead of a mere 300,000 kps here on Earth).


2: JUPITER:  This, on the other hand, has a mass of 318 times that of the Earth. So the Speed of Light would be SLOWED DOWN to 1/318 that of Earth, , ,  In round figures, this would be (300,000 kps divided by 318 ) =  943 kilometres per second  (instead of 300,000 kps on the Earth)..


3: THE SUN   Our Sun has a mass 33,400 times that of the  Earth . So anyone on the Sun (wearing an Asbestos suit of course!!) would experience the Speed of  Light SLOWED DOWN to 1`/ 33,400 that of the Earth.      In round figures (3000,000 kps divided by 33,400 ) =   9 kilometers per second (instead of 300,000 kps on the Earth).

4: THE BIGGEST KNOWN  STAR ( The ‘R136a1’ )  The biggest known Star in the Universe is   (unimaginatively called)  “R136a1”  which  is 265 times the mass of the Sun.(The “Runner Up” is “CARINAE”  with a mass 150 times that of the Sun).  “R136a1”  would, therefore, have the Speed of Light SLOWED DOWN  to   (9,000 metres  per second  divided by 265 )  =  34 meters per second =  (34 x 60x 60 divided by 1,000) = 122 kilometres per hour    THE SPEED OF A CAR !!! 

I must remember to take my car with me the next time I go to “R136a1” and try racing the Speed of Light up there, , , It will be MOST interesting to see what I find when I over take it !!!, ,  , So watch this space !! ,, , ,  (Incidentally, I must also remember to take my Sun-Glasses with me, as it is Ten Million Times brighter than the Sun !!!) 

CONCLUSION                                                                                                                                        All the foregoing won’t change the price of eggs of course, but nevertheless, it does give one something to think about.  Also, it shows us that nothing should ever be  taken at its face value just because we are told that this or that is so.

I, personally, find it extremely fascinating which is why I have spent quite some considerable time sniffing around on this subject and am passing it on to you for what it’s  worth.   I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I found in investigating and writing it.




I am a retired Electrical Engineer (Pr. Eng.) and worked for the Johanesburg Electricity Department for 30 years (being Head of a large Department), I am a Pianist and a Church Organist (I have given Recitals on the Johannesburg City Hall Organ at lunchtime Concerts). At presentI I play for Chapel Services at Elphin Lodge and at the Aldersgate Methodist Church., , , I came out to South Africa in 1953 to represent Ferguson Paiilin Switchgear Ltd. Manchester U.K.., , ,I was born on Merseyside (home of "The Beetles" !!) and served my Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship on Liverpool Docks., , , During the War I was evacuated to a Welsh Farm in North Wales ("Caerwys") and attended the Holywell Grammar School eight miles distant. There is lots more of course but this will give you just a tiny glimse of Yours Truly.

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