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13: A  NEWTONIAN  LAW                                  





















We all have a misconception regarding GRAVITY and LEVITY.  These are the ONLY two forces in existence and EVERYTHING ELSE is simply the INTERACTION between the two depending upon their relative amplitudes and frequencies.

Late in the 1800’s and early 1900’s  certain Scientists cum Philosophers hit upon the secret of  ALL Power , Force, Energy, Electricity, Magnetism,  Life  and  Creation, namely, that all these are nothing more than the interaction between Gravity and Levity.

Such were Goethe (died 22 March 1832), who was the famous Scientist, Philosopher, Botanist and  Poet, (who also wrote “Faust”, which was only discovered 55 years after his death] and Faraday also in the 1800’s. Then, a lot later, in the mid 1900’s Rudolf  Steiner  probed deeply into Goethe’s  theories.  ,Finally, Steiner was followed by his pupil Dr. Ernst Lehrs. It is a pity that their conclusions are not being followed up by present day Scientists  as these theories would surely unlock doors to many new discoveries.

So isn’t it just too amazing that these findings of ‘olden-day’ Scientists have been completely overlooked by our present-day Scientists ?., , ,  I suppose it is because their findings, if accepted, would upset all the present-day precious “Sacrosanct” theories of  Electricity , Magnetism and Mechanics etc:      But let’s get down to brass tacks, as they say, and YOU can then  decide !!


Their conclusions were simple and wonderfully “logical”. It is all like a jigsaw puzzle when all the pieces come neatly together. Their main theme runs as follows:-

MANIFESTATIONS of ALL power, energy, force, etc:  and even LIFE itself are but the interaction of  ONLY  TWO  forces AND  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.   These two forces are already known to us,  namely  (a): that which we call GRAVITY  and  (b): that which we call  LEVITY”  (hot-air balloons etc:)  We are all aware of the tremendous force of gravity. (If you don’t believe me, try lifting a piano, preferably a Concert Grand!)  and,  also, for the same reason, we tend to think of it ONLY operating DOWNWARDS.  This, however, is a TOTAL MISCONCEPTION, and this is because unlike charges attract each other, so the Earth, having a whopping big negatively charge attracts all of us and everything else with ENORMOUS force as we are all little positively charged nobodies.    We will see later, that Gravity and Levity hate to be separated and will turn double somersaults to re-unite again.  In doing so, we get all the different manifestations which we tend to think of as entirely separate  manifestations.  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!. There is no such thing as ‘”separate manifestations”. We  label these:-  Electricity,  Magnetism,  Electrostatic attraction and repulsion, Gravity (as we know it), Levity (as we know it), Explosive Power (Dynamite etc:), Heat (and hence Steam Power), Cold (hence Refrigerators and Air Conditioning), Sound,  Wind, Radio and Television Waves, Light, the Mysterious Power that moves the Planets & Stars in their courses, and  finally, not forgetting the functioning of all Living Bodies (namely, by means of electric currents traveling via our “nerve wires” to operate our muscles which in turn  makes the heart pump and our hands and legs move etc:). Most school labs’ demonstrate this by applying an electric current by means of a battery connected to a frog’s leg to make it jump.


Poor old unrecognised and unappreciated Levity is demonstrated in all its immense power before our eyes every day, but we fail to recognise it as such. Let’s look at just a few examples: Consider the leaves of a huge tree. How do the topmost leaves get their life giving water. To pump it up through all the tiny capillary tubes would take thousands of tons of pressure. Answer; The water is SUCKED UP BY LEVITY!    And of course, we admit to the “Levity” of the moon that pulls trillions of tons of water this way and that with devoted regularity in our daily tides.

Newtongave us the laws of gravity and motion when he was inspired to do this by watching an apple fall from an apple tree. It was a pity that he did not give any thought as to how the apple got up there in the first place, namely, it was ‘sucked up’ by Levity, , ,  Yes, plants and trees are all pulled up by Levity. If not, they would be a sprawling heap on the ground!  Smoke and flames from a fire billow upwards, pulled upwards by levity. Have you ever tried to hold a  beach-ball underwater in a swimming pool ? The upward force of Levitation nearly pulls your arms off!  Similarly, an airship is pulled upwards by the tremendous force of Levity. Even if a dozen men tried to hold it down, it would take them all up with it.  Similarly, when a weather balloon is released it is only about a quarter inflated (and looks a pitiful sight!). When it reaches the stratosphere however it appears fully inflated, having been ‘pulled out’ in all directions by the force of Levity. Also, when the early aeronautical pioneers went up to great heights in open balloon baskets, they suffered severely from excessive nose and ear bleeding (again, ‘sucked out’ by Levity).



Goethe is adamant that volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are caused by levity. He maintains that the volcano smoke and flames are not pushed out by pressure from inside the earth but are ‘sucked out’ by levity from the outside like sucking a cold drink through a straw.. In the case of earthquakes, consider the following:-

(a) If these were caused by the earth’s internal pressure, they would be evenly spaced all over the earth’s surface and we would all get a turn (heaven forbid!).

(b) I don’t suppose you have ever noticed that the locations of volcanoes are nearly always where mountainous land is adjacent to, or surrounded by, the sea.  According to Goethe, this creates a tremendous concentration of a ‘Levity Force Field’ that produces an enormous ‘sucking’ effect.  Examples of this areMt.Vesuvius on the Bay of Naples, Italy, Mt.Etna inSicily and theHawaiiIslands.  An encyclopedia lists nearly 20 such islands!!!.

(c) BEFORE a volcanic eruption occurs, there is a terrifying discoloration of the sky. (The locals call it “The Earthquake Sky”). It is probably caused by a high concentration of the Levity Force Field affecting the rays of the sun.

(d) Animals show distinct signs of distress and fear, and attempt to evacuate the area BEFORE even a Seismograph has recorded the first warnings.


(e) Hurricanes, that are spawned out at sea, are subsequently ‘sucked’ towards the land due to the power of excess Levity where sea meets land, as mentioned above.  This excess of Levity-Suction is sensed by animals (also as in the case of volcanic eruptions)  and they attempt to vacate the area long before a hurricane strikes. People who heed animal behavior are always saved..

Surely all these reasons and ‘pointers’ are proof positive that the cause of erupting volcanoes is NOT from WITHIN  the earth BUT FROM WITHOUT!


An amazing phenomenon associated with Gravity and Levity was observed by the hawk-eyed Goethe, , ,, namely, that Gravity produces effects that are always ROUNDED,  SPHERICAL or ‘TWISTY’ in shape, whereas Levity produces effects that are  always LINEAR,  RADIAL,  POINTED or “ SPIKY”.

This fact manifests itself in the different shapes of leaves and flowers and trees where you get, for instance, rounded leaves shaped by the force of Gravity, but with pointed ends such as with holly leaves, sycamore and oak leaves. All these “spikes” are  ‘pulled out’ by the (linear)  force of Levity. It is the same with flowers, namely, their rounded centers and their pointed petals.  This Levity/Gravity battle with trees also results in the overall shape of, say,  a sycamore tree winning hands down with round GRAVITY, whereas Pine, Fir, Cyprus and Poplar trees show superiority with spiky LEVITY, both in their overall shape and the shape of their leaves (especially Fir and Pine in particular). Another extremely good example staring us in the face is the inter-play of linear Levity Force tempered with spherical Gravity Force in creating all kinds of wonderful spiral effects in nature, such as with seashells (some of which are very beautiful).

In the flower world, Goethe cites the case of Convolvulus (‘Morning Glory’) that desperately needs to twist (Gravity orientated) to climb (Levity orientated). Conversely, Red Hot Pokers don’t need to “jitterbug” in order to soar skywards (Levity orientated).


When a shapeless mass of water-vapour is free of the earth’s Gravity, the force of Levity evenly pulls the water molecules in it 360 degrees  outwardly, .thus making the cloud perfectly round. This can’t go on for ever however, and the final optimum size is limited by its own force of Gravity acting inwards towards its center.  An  equilibrium is thus reached that results in a perfectly round ball. The prevailing wind however blows this all out of shape and moves the cloud along with it where it joins up with other clouds until the final huge mass decides to give us a good soaking!  Large clouds are actually made up of countless numbers of white fluffy balls all heaped together. This is particularly noticeable viewed from above them, when in an aeroplane.

As regards ”Old Maids with Knob-kieries”, this is a saying in the Afrikaans language for a tremendously heavy downpour of rain. It works as follows:-    When very heavy rain hits a hard surface, the individual raindrops bounce up in the air again looking for all the world like sticks, and a little ‘knob’ of water forms at the top of these sticks.  The end result is hundreds of little walking sticks (of the type with a knob for a handle, called “Knob–kieries”.).  Now for the technical bit of how the “knob” forms  ==   When the bounced-back-rain reaches a perfect equilibrium between its own declining momentum and the earth’s gravity, for just a short moment in time, it is completely weightless and is in a ‘free-fall’ condition before it falls back to earth. Now for the interesting bit:- the forces of Levity and Gravity immediately go to work exactly as they do with a cloud and the result us a perfectly round small rain-drop-ball!   You also get the same effect, and for the same reason, by dropping a little water onto a hot stove-plate, or a blob of hot molten solder onto a flat surface.

As a final example, what about blowing soap bubbles ?  If you give a mighty big ‘puff’ the bubble shoots out like an oblong sausage balloon.  But, low and behold, it is quickly pulled into A PERFECTLY ROUND SHAPE.  What external symmetrical forces do this?  (no prizes given for this answer!).

Thus, Nature (God) uses these two “tools” in differing degrees of strengths coupled with varying frequencies of vibration and locations to produce not only life itself but also an infinite variety of creative (sometimes very beautiful) designs, effects and emotions.  Dare anybody say all this comes about purely by coincidence or accident?!!


Now for a bit more of  “ the highly technical stuff’  ===   Consider a sphere, its center will be a point (even if this is only imaginary),  O.K. so far?   But, now,  if this is the size of a pinhead and it is viewed through a magnifying glass, the point is no longer sharp but a round “ball”.  If viewed though a powerful electronic microscope it will still be seen as A ROUND BALL.  In other words, it never reaches an  “ultimate point”. Goethe says that if it did, this GRAVITATIONAL CENTRE would be   INFINITE POINT.

Now let’s go in the completely opposite direction, let’s go back to “I’m for ever blowing bubbles”, as the old song says. Consider the sphere we are talking about to be an expanding bubble.  When small, the circumference of the bubble is noticeably extremely rounded. As it expands however, the circumference becomes  flatter and flatter, but it will never become perfectly flat, even if it expands to trillions and trillions of kilometers in radius and circumference!   Again, Goethe says that the arc of this sphere will only become a perfectly straight line at  LEVITATIONAL  INFINITE LINE”   ( and at an INFINITE RADIUS.)


In this Gravity / Levity ball game ‘Infinite Point’ at the center is the origin of  Gravity, and ‘Infinite Line’ at the circumference is the origin of  Levity.  Each origin is GOD who is Infinite.   Both Gravity and Levity ‘suck’ globally (ie: spherically) 360 degrees either sucking inwards (Gravity) or sucking outwards (Levity) from any ‘Given Location’.



Something hard to visualize is that if this  ‘Infinite Straight Line’ (which was once the circumference of an enormous “Levity” circle), were to be reduced by as little a one trillionth of a millimeter, IT  WOULD  RETURN BECOME  AN ENORMOUS CIRCLE  ONCE  AGAIN!!!

As this radius-line travels downwards towards Infinite Point, could it be possible that there is life and civilisations on planetary electrons?!  Similarly, if you were to travel upwards in the opposite direction towards ‘”Infinite Line”, is it perhaps possible that our own planet is but an electron in an enormous spanner?!!

Here is something else to chew on as regards  “infinity”  ===  Scientists and astronomers tell us that the chances of there being another planet in the universe like ours, with just the right temperatures and oxygen etc: to support life as we know it are trillions and trillions and trillions to one. However, Mr. Infinity will tell us that, from his records, there are an infinite number of such planets!!  Incidentally, in ‘The Star’ newspaper  (dated  27 Jan’ 2006), it was reported that a planet  identical to ours has just been discovered 20,000 light-years away (with the very unromantic title: “OGLE-2005-BLG-390-Lb”). Astronomers are confident that they will soon find many more such planets, with a newly devised searching technique called ‘Gravitational Microlensing’. (Is this just the tip of the ice-berg?!!).



How does this all work? The principle runs as follows:-

(a) Consider something to be at rest,  i.e. in equilibrium.

(b) To make anything happen or to create any manifestation whatsoever, there must be some disruption in the form of a separation on our imaginary Gravity/Levity line. (in actuality,  this is spherical, but it is easier to imagine it as a line)

(c) We, (or something), must apply energy to do this (i.e. It must be paid for, or earned in advance).

(d) This line abhors separation and double somersaults will be turned in order to return to the original status quo. Philosophically, if this line is looked upon as God in action in His world, then He strives not to be separated within Himself .

(e) In so doing however,  the resulting  manifestation is the by-product i.e. the “spin-off”.

(f) Now here is the ‘clever bit’  ==  Depending how far apart on this line the separation is, (and also the ‘frequency) this  will determine the amount of energy required. This ‘pent-up’ energy when released produces the relevant kind of  manifestation  (e.g. Sound= low frequency, Light=high frequency, Heat= a bit lower than light frequency, and so on).

(g) It is like stretching the line as if it were a piece of elastic (namely, the initial energy is paid for in advance). It now strains to return to equilibrium, its initial inertia… When it snaps back it now carries out a useful (or damaging!)  manifestation.  It finally comes to rest awaiting to do a further manifestation (either good or bad for us).

(h) As all is spherical, a better analogy would be blowing up a balloon. When fully inflated it has the potential to shoot through the air like a rocket, or perhaps to drive a model if the air is let out under control. What happens if it bursts?  The pent up potential energy released all at once produces a loud sound (an explosion). The same ‘sound energy’ could have been used to better effect by attaching it to a whistle.    All is now at rest waiting for the next clown to come along!!  Incidentally, after the initial energy has been applied, the item in question is said to posses POTENTIAL ENERGY. When this is finally  expended , doing the required manifestation, this is called KINETIC  ENERGY. Therefore, halfway through its ‘performance’ half its Potential Energy and half its Kinetic Energy is used up.

Another aspect worth considering, according to Goethe is that any manifestation is one of two things, namely:

(i) If a stable Gravity field is being acted upon by the force of Levity, then this situation would be “LEVITATIONALLY  MODIFIED  GRAVITY” (This is MAGNETISM).   


(ii) On the other hand, if a stable Levity field is being acted upon by the force of Gravity, this situation would be “GRAVITATIONALLY  MODIFIED  LEVITY” (This is ELECTRICITY).

The end result in both cases is a physical  manifestation , and this is during the time that the unstable condition is returning to its initial inertia. (i.e. Potential energy is being expended by  Kinetic energy). Do you get the idea?.   



Now here is an absolutely fascinating aspect of the interactions of Gravity and Levity:

A rainbow is created with a miraculous use of Gravity and Levity combined with the laws of optics.  It is done as follows:-

Imagine the sun in the afternoon, low in the west. There has been a shower of rain leaving a light clear wet mist hanging in the air, not heavy enough to be dragged down by the earth’s gravity. Our friends “G” and “L” now rub their hands together and say “Oh boy!  Oh boy! just  look what we’ve got here!” They then get to work forming the wet mist  into a large sphere (the same method as with clouds and knob-kieries).

This now acts as a lens and projects the round disk of the sun onto the dark screen of the clouds in the east. (Only half is seen however, due to the sun’s angle with the ground.)  Some supporting small points of interest arise, namely:-

(a) You will see that the ‘dome’ inside the rainbow is brighter than the outside. This is due to the light of the sun itself.

(b) The colours will be violet on the inside of the bow (adjacent to the ‘dome’) going to red on the outside.  This is due to the frequency GRADIENT,  the higher frequency of violet having more energy, being nearer the sun and of higher frequency.

(c) Now here is something interesting:- there will be a difference in potential energy between the colours of the rainbow itself, namely, the violet will have a higher energy potential than the red thus causing an internal  ‘colour-gradient-stretched-elastic’. The rainbow will therefore feed on itself due to this internal  potential  energy and will gradually get fainter and fainter until it finally disappears completely.

A rainbow can, of course, occur in the morning, namely, when the sun is at the correct angle in the east, there is a mist that can be shaped into a lens, and there is also a dark backdrop of cloud in the west. Neat, yes/no?!




The foregoing can be easily demonstrated as follows (best done in the semi-dark):-

(a)  Stand two paces away from a wall  (representing the backdrop)..

(b)  Hold an electric torch (representing the sun) on one of your shoulders and switch it on so that its beam shines on the wall.

(c)  With your free hand, hold a large magnifying glass about 30cm (12 inches) or less in front of the torch. (This represents the mist shaped into a sphere).

(d)  Focus the glass. A perfect circular ‘rainbow’ will be displayed. It will be light inside the circle, dark outside it, with red being the outer colour  ==  all exactly as described.   N.B. As the bulb is not a ‘point source of light’  you will get a lot of distortion.



These forced-apart separations and coming together again to produce interesting results raises some very interesting observations, namely ===  EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING. IS JUST ONE VERY BIG ‘HAPPY FAMILY because:-’ 

(a) There is no separate magnetic force caused by North and South poles of Magnetism,  but only a separation of Levity and Gravity trying to come together.

(b) There is no separate  Positive and  Negative Electrostatic Charges

(c) The same with Chemical elements amalgamating to form new compounds

(d) The same with Chemical Explosives (the explosion is but a demonstration of immediate release of Gravity / Levity energy [with devastating results!]).

(e) The same with the planets and stars moving in their courses by means of some mysterious force. (This mysterious force can only be the force of Levity/Gravity)

(f) At the other end of the spectrum, what drives the electrons around their protons?  (There are no prizes for this answer but (a) to (e) above may give you a clue!!).


One of  Sir Isaac Newton scientific laws states that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Our earth’s gravity (a Gravitational Force Field) MUST therefore have an equal and opposite force field (namely, our new friend a ‘Levitation Force Field’). This latter surrounds the earth like an invisible halo. When the intensity of the Gravity field exceeds that of the Levity Field, this will cause things to descend slowly and gracefully or to drop heavily like a Grand Piano from the top of a building, , depending on the relative difference in intensities. Conversely, when the intensity of the Levity Field exceeds that of the Gravity Field, things will rise slowly and gracefully like a Hot Air Balloon or shoot up like a Rocket all depending upon the relative difference in intensities. To cause this difference requires energy to be applied, as already explained above.


Whenever pressure is applied to anything, the result is an expenditure of heat. This is very evident when friction, caused by pressure, gives off heat. A good example are the sparks that shoot out when sharpening a steel drill on a grindstone. If held for too long, the drill-shank gets so hot you have to get pliers to hold it!. Goethe explains that this heat is Levity Energy being squeezed out by Gravity Energy, just like water being squeezed out of a wet sponge. (His very own words!).

An experiment that demonstrating this very impressively is by taking an ice block, fitting a wire loop around it and then applying a strong pulling action. by attaching a weight. Where the wire presses on the ice, Levity Heat Energy is ‘squeezed’ out, and this melts the ice immediately under it,  turning it into water. The wire then sinks into the water now pulled down by Gravity. The continuing pressure on the wire sends it on its journey right through the ice block. As it progresses, the water above it re-solidifies as the heat disperses. Thus the block has been cleanly cut right through, but still remains intact!



This ‘mysterious substance’ pervades everything even in vacuums and including the emptiness of outer space!  But even in such environments, radio waves still operate very successfully transmitting audible sounds and even visuals.

But what is The Ether?  ‘Radio Fundies’ don’t know what it is but, nevertheless, they then proceed to manipulate it into waves by means of aerial transmitters and receivers as if these were  operating in some kind of liquid!  The Ether has Infinite Density. It is so dense in fact, that, with the aid of the modern micro technology, visual transmissions  operate extremely well in electrical circuits the size of pin-points, and are only visible through powerful electron microscopes. (They say that Secret Agents can send long messages contained in the full stops in letters, and miniature cameras are now able to televise pictures from inside our internal organs, and so on !!).



The Ether is, therefore the ‘vehicle’ in which the scale of vibrations (from sound up to x-rays and beyond) operate).  ALL THE ACTIONS THAT WE KNOW OF is the Ether being manipulated in some way or other.   These actions  include such things as sights, sounds, smells, feelings, substances, materials, radio / television waves, and even life itself.  But all these are only secondary effects!  They are first created in the Ether, then only subsequently condensed into recognisable  physical manifestations.

Goethe maintains that the Ether is “GOD-SUBSTANCE” (of Infinite Density) that is acted upon ONLY by  Infinite GRAVITY Force of God  and / or by  Infinite LEVITY Force of God (NOTHING ELSE!), these being of differing  strengths and at differing frequencies,  to produce every known manifestation known to man.

The same concept of the ether is maintained in certain Eastern philosophies.  In these philosophies, it is referred to as ‘PRANA’.


If ANYTHING AT ALL vibrates, then, at one point in time, it will be POITIVE to its other half . which will be NEGATIVE. The cross-over-point will be EQILIBRIUM    The famous mathematician and philosopher, PYTHAGORAS who had ‘a thing’ about ‘Numbers’ said that you can determine whether any numerical value (even the price of eggs!) is positive or negative, as follows:- (a) Add all the numbers in any value together (e.g. 21,117 = 12). If the answer is more than one digit, also add these together (e.g. 1 plus 2 = 3 in our example) (Do this again and again if need be).  If the final answer is an ODD number, the number started with (e.g. 21,117) is NEGATIVE and if EVEN, it is POSITIVE.  Thus, counting in sequence, the next number would be 21,118 in the example in brackets and the  final number  would be  4.  THEREFORE,  GOING UP OR DOWN ANY “SCALE” OF SOUND,  SMELL OR SIGHT  ETC: there is a continuous vibrating change from  positive to negative!!.


So, everything we perceive, and everything that there is, is just a matter of vibrating the ether, either unbelievably fast, or (“Painfully”! ) slow.  We are only actually aware of very few of these frequencies as our senses respond to only a few of them, namely,  only to those that we are  actually “Tuned In” to.  Here is a complete summary ==

1: X-RAYS (Undetected by our senses). These have a vibration of approximately  2 trillion cycles per second ( 2 with 18 zero’s)

2: ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT. (Also undetected by our senses), is slightly above the highest frequency of Light, namely violet, hence its name. Frequency in c.p.s. just above 500 billion, (i.e.  5 with 14 zero’s)..

3: LIGHT AND ALL ITS COLOURS which we DO see because our eyes are tuned to a frequency of  approximately 500 billion c.p.s. (i.e. 5 with 14  zero’s) .

4: HEAT is only felt at a frequency slightly below light, that is, in the ‘Infra Red’ colour range (i.e. just below the colour red). This is at about 200 billion c.p.s. (i.e.2 with 14 zero’s).

If our heat detecting senses were just that slightly bit more finely tuned, we would actually “feel” light. (Should we, perhaps, put in a “Requisition” to ‘The Almighty’, do you think??!! ).

5: SATELITE  SIGNALS and TELEVISION. These operate at about 11,000 megahertz  (i.e. 11 with 9 zero’s). Definitely not sensed by any of our organs!!!

6: ELECTRICITY is about 10 megahertz (i.e.10 with 9 zero’s). This is just below Satellites  and Television   ,,,,,  but we still do not sense this (unless, of course, we step on a 20,000 volt live electric cable!!!)

7: RADIO WAVES are slotted in here, being slower than Electricity but faster  than Sound. If we were constructed differently, we would see, hear or feel Radio Waves and Electricity.   So our senses decide for us what we are intended to see, hear and feel. All the phenomena that is not sensed by our sense organs are, of course, detected and measured with instruments, and all are put to some good use.  The Radio frequency range is  from  500 kilohertz  (i.e. 500 with 3 zero’s) to  300 megahertz (i.e.300 with 6 zero’s). (“F.M.” .is 88 to 108 Megahertz, i.e. 88-108 with 6 zero’s)

8: SOUND.  This we DO hear,  because our hearing senses are tuned from 16 up to approx’ 14,000 vibrations a second. (but most people only go up to about 9 to 12 thousand) c.p.s.).  Dogs, (and presumably certain, or even all, other animals) go a lot higher than 14,000 c.p.s. hence the use of the ‘Dog Whistle’ that we cannot hear, but dogs can.

9:  Finally, present day Scientists tell us that we HUMAN BEINGS  and THE  EARTH’S  NATURAL VIBRATION FREQUENCY is 7 to 9 vibrations a second . This corresponds to TWO octaves BELOW  bottom “C” (32 Hz)  on a piano keyboard. (i.e. the one below being 16 Hz, then finally, below that at 8 Hz.). (Table on page 27  “Science & Music” by Sir James Jeans).

Incidentally, just to confuse absolutely everything ,,,, the 32 Hz. bottom C on a piano is produced by a 16 foot long Organ Pipe, and, conversely, the one octave below this, at 16 Hz, is produced by a 32 foot long Organ Pipe!!  Now try and work THAT one out !!!!  If you would like a useless fact,,St. Paul’s Cathedral inLondon has 32 foot organ pipes and these are arranged as wooden benches in a circle around the dome. I know this for a fact, as I have actually sat on them !!!!



I have deliberately not included our sense of smell above, as this deserves very special and careful consideration. It is the most remarkable of all our senses and it should be looked upon almost with the most utter reverence!

Unlike all the other senses that are fully automatic in operation, we can actually switch the sense of smell on and off consciously, but most of us never actually recognize this fact. (This is of course unless the smell is exceedingly strong  (Then we say   “AAAH,  LOVELY”  or “UUGH, POOH!” as the case may be !).  Reverting to technicalities, the frequency is 10 with 22 zero’s c.p.s.  which is far higher than X-Rays at the very top of our list at 2 with 18 zero’s c.p.s..  This range is said to be also the range of  our Mental Activities and Human Emotions. Thus, even the faintest “whiff” of some smell can act directly on our sub-conscious minds to produce emotional and mental sensations without us being aware of the cause for these.

The manufacturers of perfumes ‘cash in’ on the foregoing fact in order to produce perfumes that arouse our sensual emotions without us realising how these came about !. To give an idea of how sensitive our smelling organ is == One millionth of a milligram of  ‘Musk’ can easily be detected in  a cupful of air!!

Finally, did you know that a Male Moth can “scent” a Female Moth up to a kilometer away ?   A man was once asked if he wished he could also have a sense of smell as keen as that.  He replied “What on earth would I want to do with a female moth ?!!!”.


Nobody has been able to explain electricity, but Goethe hit the nail on the head with the explanation of it being the interaction between the forces of gravity and levity. Goethe, in his writings referred to all forms of this interaction as “THE SINGLEORGANISING  PRINCIPLE . Our text books do not yet recognise this principle. Although Goethe did most of his active work in the latter half of 1700’s .(he died in 1832., as mentioned above), we still go on teaching that “All Manifestations  are  S TRICTLY  “APARTHEID

Let’s look now more closely at how Goethe saw electricity generated  ==

Consider a stick being pulled through water. This requires applied Kinetic Energy. This action leaves a “HOLE” in the water immediately behind the stick. But nature abhors a vacuum and water rushes in to correct this misdemeanor. The energy expended to do this generates  eddies or whorls are and these spread out at right angles to the stick, then gradually disperse as they loose their initial energy.  Similarly, have you ever seen eddies of dust shooting out at right angles, generated by a vehicle (a horse and trap in Goethe’s day!) traveling along a dusty road?  The simple fact is that the ether hates to be separated  (“nature abhors a vacuum” )  but if and when this is done, the forward movement of the moving object sets up a twist in the ether on each side of it as the water or air rushes in to correct the situation, thus initiating the spinning motion of the eddies (that, incidentally, are driven by Levity Energy).

Now to consider electricity:  Electric current is generated when a wire is passed through a magnetic field and the two free ends of the wire are joined together. Our text books tell us that electric current is the movement of free copper electrons moving around the wire caused by the wire cutting the lines of magnetic force.

However, Goethe and his pals viewed things completely differently. Their theory, as I try to unravel it from their highly complicated scientific jargon, runs as follows:-

(a) A wire cuts a Magnetic Field. Lets call it a “MagneticLake”  in order to keep it in line with the above stick illustration. (It requires applied Kinetic Energy to do this).

(b) The resulting ‘HOLE’ that is made in the Magnetic Field (and hence in the Ether) in the wake of the conductor MUST be quickly filled up, and this can only be done from the surrounding Magnetic Field.

(c) Eddies are generated at right angles in the field, in the same manner as in the water with the stick.

(d) However, a separation of Gravity/Levity Energy is required to do this operation, and this is taken from the surrounding ether..

(e) This action dies out when the lost energy has been replaced.

(f) But, if the ends of the wire are joined to form a continuous loop, the Gravity/Levity Energy is taken from the wire itself instead, and it goes round and around the loop until it finally runs out of steam like a clockwork mouse..

(g) Incidentally, in an electric generator, there are hundreds of wires that pass through a very strong magnetic field 50 times every second.  This keeps the whole operation powerful and continuous, resulting in electric power for our use.

(h)  Electric Current is, therefore, a continual process of  “Stopping up Holes in Dykes!”. 

 (i) Note that heat is also generated as part of the energy expended when any solid is moved quickly through a liquid. This can be proved by taking the temperature of a bowl of water before and after using a mixer.

In Goethe’s own words: “ The intensity of an electric current is the intensity WITH WHICH  THE ELECTRICITY DISAPPEARS.   IT SERVES US LIKE FOOD, BY GETTING ITSELF DIGESTED”.

This explanation of the generation of electric current seems more logical than the conventional peregrinations of free electrons dashing around a wire at the speed of light!


Rudolf  Steiner elaborates on the above explanation, rather neatly, as follows:  He says: that Gravity and Magnetism struggle to maintain Inertia.    It is this Inherent Inertia in Magnetism that is employed to generate what we call ‘Electric Current’ when a magnetic field is transversed by a conductive wire. This action leaves a vacuum in the magnetic field in the wake of the wire, and the magnetic field quickly rushes in to fill this up. However, energy is obviously required to do this, and this energy is supplied by the Gravity/Levity Force from the wire itself, providing that it is joined in a loop.

This force circulates around the wire loop until all the energy required to replace the missing magnetic field has all been taken from the wire. The Gravity/Levity Force has, therefore, ‘VANISHED’ from the wire!   The intensity of what convention calls “Electric Current” is actually the intensity by which the Gravity / Levity Power has DISAPPEARED’.

Steiner enlarges upon Goethe’s theory by giving us the analogy of the digestion of food, namely:- “ The generation of electric current  is similar to the way in which food ‘DISAPPEARS’ when digested. But, by doing so, it serves to give all living creatures energy and health. Just as energy and the health of all living creatures are by-products of  ‘Disappearing’ Food’,  so is ‘Electric Current’ the by-product of ‘Disappearing  Magnetism’ .(Steiner’s own words).


In an Electric Cell (but called a “Battery” when more than one cell are joined together), plates or  coils of Zinc and Copper are immersed in a suitable liquid. The Zinc is higher up the Levity – Gravity scale than the Copper, so that there is a stretching of the ‘elastic’ between them, thus producing a latent ‘Potential Energy’.

When the Copper and Zinc are connected externally by means of a conductive wire however, the Potential Energy immediately becomes Kinetic Energy (the ‘elastic’ now starts to ‘snap back’ ) and this released energy then lights a lamp or operates your portable electric shaver etc:   Present day cells are much more sophisticated, and all sorts of other chemicals are used such as Nickel and Cadmium, but the working principle remains exactly the same. (The further apart the metals are on the Levity- Gravity scale, the better the cell will be).



The terms “Positive and “Negative” can sometimes be extremely confusing.    For instance, consider 3 points in a Direct Current electrical circuit ranging from 3 volts to 10 volts, Negative to Positive, with a mid-point at 5 volts. The mid- point has Positive AND Negative qualities both at the same time!  Namely, it is Positive RELATIVE  to the lower Negative point, but, at the same time, it is Negative RELATIVE to the top Positive point. In the Gravity / Levity  School of Thought, the mid-point would also have similar ’Jeckel and Hyde’ qualities, namely (1) It would have less Levity qualities RELATIVE to the Upper Levity point,   (2) But, at the same time, the identical point would have more Gravity qualities RELATIVE to the lower Gravity point.

It is the same with a bar magnet — A mid- point is both North pole RELATIV to one end but South Pole RELATIVE  to the other end. This is proved by cutting the magnet in half. At the cutting point one half- bar will be North Pole and the other half-bar will be South Pole. But these were exactly the same point before the bar was cut!


Finally, a bucket of water can be both cold and hot at the same time.  How?  — Try the following little experiment –

(a) Fill a bucket with water from the cold tap.

(b) Hold your hand under the hot tap until it becomes painfully hot.

(c) Then plunge your hand into the bucket and it will feel GLORIOUSLY COLD.

(d) Now hold your hand in ice cubes from the Deep Freeze until it becomes painfully cold.

(e) Then, finally, plunge your hand into the bucket AND THE VERY SAME WATER WILL BE GLORIOUSLY HOT!!

The bucket of water from the cold tap is, of course, your ‘Mid-Point’, and it is either  HOT or COLD both at the same time d epending on which temperature-extreme from which it is being considered. (Also, an Eskimo coming to London from the Arctic might find it terribly  hot, but an Bedouin coming from the Sahara on the Equator might  find it exceedingly cold!)  

In all the above examples there are no complications if one looks at it from a Gravity – Levity point of view, as it is simply a question of the RELATIVE interaction at varying frequencies between higher and  lower points on the ‘Gravity – to – Levity’ Scale. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE WHATSOEVER !   IT CLEARLY SHOWS THAT THERE IS BUT  == ONE AND ONLY SINGLE POWER, ==  NAMELY THAT OF THE OF  THE  CREATOR.



Electrostatic attraction and repulsion (namely bits if paper jumping up to your comb after combing your hair, and similar phenomena) is actually the ether surrounding an object having a very strong Levity Force Field being attracted to another object having a strong Gravity Force Field, namely, a far lesser Levity Force Field, thereby dragging the objects together (‘elastic-wise’).  If the objects cannot move, and the fields are extremely strong, then a spark jumps across the gap. This is what happens when a spark jumps from your fingertips if you slide across a leather seat in your car,  or you reach for an electric light switch after shuffling across a thick carpet in slippers. The classic explanation is that one body is highly positively charged and the other is highly negatively charged. Lightning is exactly the same.

The ‘classical’ rule of Electrostatics is stated as follows: “Any substance when rubbed with a dissimilar substance results in Frictional Electricity. These then become Electrified in such a way that one becomes ‘Negatively Charged’  and the other becomes ‘Positively Charged’ .  The ending of Goethe’s rule would, however, be something like:  “—–one develops a stronger Levity Force Field or a Gravity Force Field than the other.

Incidentally, common materials in the ‘Classical Scale’  from Negative to Positive  are graded as follows:- Fur (NEGATIVE to all other Materials), Hair, polished -Glass, Wool,Cork, Brown or Black Paper,  Silk, Shellac and Sealing Wax. (The latter being POSITIVE to all other Materials).


Goethe and Steiner maintained that the actual speed of light is not tied down to 186,000 miles per second (or 300,000 kilometers a second) as scientifically established. They maintain that It has INFINITE SPEED, but it is slowed down to 186,000  as it is acted upon by the earth’s gravity field. The accepted speed of 186,000 is quite acceptable for all intents and purposes  AS  LONG AS  WE  ARE LIVING  ON  THIS  PLANET !  If measured from Jupiter for instance which is enormous in size compared with our earth (and therefore has a much stronger gravity field), the speed of Light Speed would be considerably slower!

 An interesting analogy is given as follows:-

(a) Consider a bullet fired from a gun at a stationary train.

(b) If the bullet passes right through the carriage and the train is stationary the two bullet holes will be in line with each other.

(c) Unless the bullet went through an open window, the bullet will be slowed down considerably due to it hitting the train’s woodwork and steelwork, so that its speed inside the train will be a lot less than it was when outside the train.

(d) So if we try and calculate the initial (‘outside’) speed of the bullet by timing its path across the carriage, the result will be considerably less than it actually was.

(e) Worse still, if the train is moving at a tremendously fast speed, then the enter and exit bullet holes will be out of line with each other, the outgoing hole now being towards the rear of the carriage). Thus, the bullet now travels a lot further inside the carriage!

(f)  If the distance between these latter two holes are used to estimate the initial speed of the bullet,(before impact) then the result will be hopelessly incorrect..

(g) If the two bullet holes are lined up like a telescopic sight, a stationary train would  give the exact line of location of the gun, BUT,  if the train is going at a tremendous speed,  there will then be a huge error in the angle of sight.  Astronomers call this  ‘ABERRATION’.  (Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Aberration” is = “Seeming departure of a heavenly body from its proper position, or light-rays from proper focus”.

But, as we have no other option than to be on the train called “Earth”, our measurements are also all subject to the foregoing false parameters , yet this is the way in which we, by comparison, measure the speed of light!   Namely, the Speed-of- Light is slowed down by the earth’s Gravity and Levity Force Fields. As there is no possible way of finding out the initial ‘outside’ speed of the bullet from inside the train, so is it also not possible to measure the TRUE SPEED OF LIGHT  from inside the earth’s gravity and levity force fields.

FURTHERMORE, GOETHE  AND STEINER MAINTAINED  THAT THE SPEED OF LIGHT “OUTSIDE” THE TRAIN IS  INFINITE.  Such a thing is impossible  to comprehend, with our puny little minds, but they were absolutely adamant about this.  Perhaps Einstein was similarly convinced, ,and this is part of what he means by RELATIVITY.

Our beloved Light speed of186,000 miles per second  serves us well enough for all practical purposes here on earth, but it is of no use whatsoever to anyone else in the universe!  Maybe one of the first things we must do if we ever establish ourselves more permanently on the moon (with its low gravitational force) is to measure the speed of light from there. Our scientists could be in for some rather unpleasant surprises!


It occurs to me that maybe you are not quite comfortable with the words “Gravity” and “Levity” in the above notes. Is this, perhaps  because Gravity is normally associated with the Earth’s downward  “pull’ and Levity associated with an upward ( ‘skywards’) force?   These notes, however, show that these two forces act, not just on the earth, but universally, ANYWHERE,  even in outer space.  

You could, therefore, possibly substitute the word “INWARD SUCTION” to represent  Gravity, and “OUTWARD SUCTION” to represent  Levity.  As regards the latter Outward Suction, this will always have a decided  ‘SPIKEY’ effect.  Imagine this as looking like a Hedgehog.(when aroused!). As regards the former (Gravitational) Inward Suction, imagine this shrinking in a continuous ROUNDED fashion like the air being let out of a balloon.

It is also apparent from these notes that Levity can actually act “Downwards” in certain operations. (This is all very confusing, as we are all “brain-washed”  with the Earth’s “Gravity”!! ). Thus, as mentioned above, these “sucking inward or outward” actions can occur with the items concerned in ANY position and in ANY location, either on the earth or even in outer space. 


Goethe’s philosophical concept is that GOD IS INFINITE ENERGY, and if an imaginary line is drawn between the two extremes of Levity and Gravity, ALL creation and ALL phenomena is simply the interaction in the form of vibrations at varying rates and intensities between any two points that have been separated on this line. Utilising “God-Force”, as Goethe calls it, God then enjoys His creation by taking pleasure, via our senses, in the coming together again of this separation to a place of relaxed peace. The foregoing activity acts upon the vehicle of Ether, which is also of God Himself, and, as a result of the whole process, some wonderful effects such as beautiful sunsets, lovely flowers, human emotions, and so on are generated. Even material things are only a form of Gravity / Levity in the “God-Energy” spectrum.

In technical terms:  Potential Energy is utilised  (‘used up’)  by Kinetic Energy in order to restore the ‘Status Quo’ and, in so doing, creates a multitude of manifestations.

This ‘God-Force’ is ‘LOVE’.  It is so humble that it serves us in the electric currents that drive our trains and operate our food mixers, not forgetting the electric impulses that travel through our bodies via our nervous systems. This God / Love is, therefore, our very life!  It cannot be otherwise, because when our world and all its living creatures was first created, every single atom that was needed to do this HAD TO BE OF  GOD HIMSELF.  (From where-else? ,,,He could hardly go to his local  hardware store for his bits and pieces!).

It has already been mentioned that the way in which these two tools, namely, the Force of Gravity and the Force of Levity, have been used to create beautiful scenery, sunsets and other things of natural beauty, also all the varieties of beautiful flowers, not to mention creatures, including ourselves, == but to say that this has all come about by sheer coincidence would be a statement bordering on the insane. The ONLY possible answer is that it was all created by a  brilliant Divine Scientist / Architect / Engineer / Astronomer / Artist / Sculptor / Mathematician.  Can there be any other logical alternative?



The whole theory is summarised into three simple statements, namely as follows:-





At great pains, I gleaned the above truths by wading through a veritable morass of books, journals and lectures given by the Scientists mentioned herein as well as by others, mostly being written in the almost non-comprehensible scientific jargon imaginable.  I therefore may not have got it all quite straight, but what I have been able to glean makes for absolutely fascinating study. What I like about it, is that  IT IS ALL SO  LOGICAL, SIMPLE  AND  EVEN  FULLY  PROVABLE  TO  ANYONE  HAVING A COMPLETELY UNBIASED  OPINION,

So please treat all the contents of the foregoing ”Massive  Missive” as only a starting point (solid or shaky, as the case my be!) in order to set you off on a new road of exciting and fascinating discovery. Why not expand or correct my observations and examples that I have given with those of your own, now that I have given you the necessary clues  of what to look for?  ,,,,,,   I may be ‘miles out’, but I do not think that I am all that far out !!.

Oh why oh why do these Scientists speak an English that the English don’t speak?!!  Perhaps it is to present their ‘papers’ only to impress their fellow Scientists   One has only to open a Scientific Journal to see that it is written in some sort of ‘Secret Code’ . It is, therefore, a monumental task for the ordinary man in the street (like ‘Little Me’ !!) to try and discern what these Scientists have hidden  away in this  “Secret – Scientist- to-Scientist- High-Tech- Jargon- Code” !!

 Let me give you an example:-  Goethe says, in a book on plants – “The unity, the sequence of organs, is expressed as metamorphosis transformation in the idea of the archetypal plant which can be perceived intuitively against the background of a threefold expansion and contraction of leaf and flower “

Is he trying to say that leaves and flowers open and shut three times in a certain manner? If so, why not say so in plain English for goodness sake !

 Finally, I can’t resist giving the title of one of Rudolf Stein’s lectures;  it was:-  “Epistemological Results from the standpoint of Anthroposophy” , , , , I think this means: ”The Science of Human Nature” (but I wouldn’t bet on it !!!).  

 Is it still possible that perhaps there are vital clues to the secrets of nature and creation STILL DEEPLY BURRIED  in the veritable morass of centuries old Scientific Technical Jargon ??? !!


At first thought it is rather uncomfortable to think that ‘love’ is only something entirely mechanical.  On the other hand, however, a far more inspiring thought is the exact converse, namely:-  ‘Even all mundane mechanical functions are actually  ‘LOVE  IN  ACTION  ==  AND GOD IS SUCH  LOVE!!


                                  END  OF  DOCUMENT  






Saved as “LIGHT SPEED Questioned.doc”

INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                              Someone  once asked me  “Why do you always question every statement, scientific or otherwise ?”     I couldn’t answer that one !!    Maybe it is because it is built into my genes!!, , ,,   (A husband asked  his wife: ”Why do you answer any question I ask you with another one?”  ,,,  The wife replied  “Do I ?” !!)   

Be that as it may, the same goes for the scientific statement: ‘THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS 300,000 KILOMETRES A SECOND’”,  So I say to myself  “Hey!!,  Wait a minute, I question that !!!”, , , , , ,  So I delved into this statement in my usual inimitable manner and came up with some startling results,  , The bottom line being that THIS STATEMENT IS NOT ALTOGETHER TRUE, , as it all depends on from WHERE in the Universe you are measuring it.

The above word “startling” is putting it VERY mildly indeed, , , , , , , for instance, on a very large star (I give chapter and verse later on herein)  you could even overtake the Speed of Light in a Motor Car!!!!!!!!!    But read on, my darlings, and weep !!, , , ,,

 THE SCIENTIST /  PHILOSOPHER  /  BOTANIST  /  POET:  ‘GOETHE’             The  guy, in the above heading [who, incidentally, wrote FAUST which was only discovered 555 years after his death in 1832] , proposed that the Speed of Light is NOT constant at approximately 300,000 kilometres per second (or 186,000 miles per second) throughout the Universe.  Furthermore, it has INFINITE SPEED but it is  SLOWED DOWN  to a speed depending on the Gravity and Speed through space of the planet or place from where it is being measured

I don’t know on what grounds Goethe maintained that the Speed of Light is INFINITE, but he was very adamant about this.  Einstein also held the same view and based a lot of his calculations on this fact.  (He maintained that at the Speed of Light, a body would obtain Infinite Mass)    

A SIMPLE  ANALOGY                                                                                                                       At first glance, all this might seem rather hard to swallow, but let’s look at it through the eyes of the following simple analogy , , ,

(a) Consider a bullet fired from a gun at a stationary train.

(b) If the bullet passes right through the carriage and out through the other side, the two bullet holes will be in line with each other but only if the train is stationary

(c) The bullet will be slowed down when it smacks into the train, so that its speed inside the train will be considerably less than it was initially outside the train.

(The impact would be analogous to the Force of Gravity of a Planet)

(d) So if we try and calculate the ‘outside’ speed of the bullet by timing its path across the carriage, the result will be considerably less than it should be. (Due to (c ) above).

e) Worse still, however, if the train is moving tremendously fast, then the enter and exit bullet holes will be out of line with each other, the outgoing hole now being towards the rear of the carriage. Thus, the bullet now travels  even further inside the carriage

(f): The foregoing would be analogous to the speed of a Planet through space.    In our own Solar System the Earth is tearing around the Sun and the Sun (in the 7th orbit) is tearing around ALCYONE  the central Sun  of our Milky-Way- Galaxy, (completing one revolution every 26,000 years. In addition to this, our Galaxy is also  tearing around goodness knows what else along with similar Galaxies. , , , , , Incidentally, for the record, Astronomers have named the other orbiting Suns around  Alcyone, MEROPE,  ATLAS,  MAYA,  ELECTRA,  TEYGETA,  and COLOELENO

(g) If the distance between the entry and exit holes is used to calculate the ‘outside’ speed of the bullet,(before impact) then the result will be hopelessly compromised,

(h) Furthermore, if the two bullet holes are lined up like a telescopic sight, a stationary train would give the exact line of fire  BUT if the holes are lined up when the train is hurtling along, then there will then be an enormous error in the angle of sight. Astronomers call this ‘ABERRATION’.  (Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Aberration” is “The seeming departure of a heavenly body from its proper position, or light-rays from proper focus”.

(i):But, as we have no other option than to be on the train called “Earth, our measurements are also all subject to the foregoing false parameters, yet this is the way in which we, by comparison, measure the Speed of Light!   Namely, the Speed-of- Light is slowed down by the Earth’s Gravitational  Force Field and its speed through space.  As there is no possible way of finding out the  ‘outside’ speed of the bullet from inside the train, so is it also not possible to measure the TRUE SPEED OF LIGHT  from inside the Earth’s Gravity Force Field.

(j) As examples of this, if a ‘Moon –Train’ were to be  made of CARDBOARD,  then the bullet (which we will name: “Mr. Light”) would be slowed down only very slightly and its inhabitants would be taught that the Speed of  ‘Mr. Light’  is 24 million kilometres a second.

On the other hand, if an ‘Earth- Train’ were to be made of WOOD, then ‘Mr Light‘ would be slowed down to 300,000 kilometres a second and its inhabitants taught this accordingly (which ,of course, is what is actually happening today!!),

If now a Jupiter-Train were to be made of STEEL  then ‘Mr. Light‘ could be slowed down to 943  kilometres a second and its inhabitants taught this  accordingly,

Finally, if a ‘Big-Star  (‘R136a1’) Train’ were to be made of Armor- Plating then ‘Mr Light‘ could be slowed down to 122 kilometres a second (the speed of a car!!!)  and its inhabitants taught this accordingly.

CALCULATING  THE   FOREGOING   LIGHT-SPEEDS                                             Our beloved “300,000 Metres per Second Speed of Light” serves us for most practical purposes here on earth, but it is of no earthly use (pun intended) to anyone else in the Universe.  Maybe one of the first things we must do if we ever establish ourselves more permanently on the Moon (with its low Gravitational Force) is to measure the Speed of Light from there. Our Scientists may be in for some rather unpleasant surprises!

So let’s see how we calculate these Light-Speeds , , , , , ,

1: The MOON:  This is only about 1/80th  the Mass of our Earth. So the Speed of Light would be SPEEDED UP  into the millions, as it is  80 times faster than on Earth., , , ,  In round figures, this would be (300,000 kps x  80 ) =  24,000,000 kilometres per second  (instead of a mere 300,000 kps here on Earth).


2: JUPITER:  This, on the other hand, has a mass of 318 times that of the Earth. So the Speed of Light would be SLOWED DOWN to 1/318 that of Earth, , ,  In round figures, this would be (300,000 kps divided by 318 ) =  943 kilometres per second  (instead of 300,000 kps on the Earth)..


3: THE SUN   Our Sun has a mass 33,400 times that of the  Earth . So anyone on the Sun (wearing an Asbestos suit of course!!) would experience the Speed of  Light SLOWED DOWN to 1`/ 33,400 that of the Earth.      In round figures (3000,000 kps divided by 33,400 ) =   9 kilometers per second (instead of 300,000 kps on the Earth).

4: THE BIGGEST KNOWN  STAR ( The ‘R136a1’ )  The biggest known Star in the Universe is   (unimaginatively called)  “R136a1”  which  is 265 times the mass of the Sun.(The “Runner Up” is “CARINAE”  with a mass 150 times that of the Sun).  “R136a1”  would, therefore, have the Speed of Light SLOWED DOWN  to   (9,000 metres  per second  divided by 265 )  =  34 meters per second =  (34 x 60x 60 divided by 1,000) = 122 kilometres per hour    THE SPEED OF A CAR !!! 

I must remember to take my car with me the next time I go to “R136a1” and try racing the Speed of Light up there, , , It will be MOST interesting to see what I find when I over take it !!!, ,  , So watch this space !! ,, , ,  (Incidentally, I must also remember to take my Sun-Glasses with me, as it is Ten Million Times brighter than the Sun !!!) 

CONCLUSION                                                                                                                                        All the foregoing won’t change the price of eggs of course, but nevertheless, it does give one something to think about.  Also, it shows us that nothing should ever be  taken at its face value just because we are told that this or that is so.

I, personally, find it extremely fascinating which is why I have spent quite some considerable time sniffing around on this subject and am passing it on to you for what it’s  worth.   I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I found in investigating and writing it.