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In direct proportion as to where your main interests lie, you will find this document  amazing, exciting, slightly interesting  or absolute  rubbish , , , So read on and  enjoy, weep,  laugh, or just  “tut- tut”, as the case may be !

INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                       This write-up is like a Modern Fairy Tale, except that it is all amazingly true and not just childish fiction.  But let me start by giving a VERY brief summary of the present-day generally accepted theory of ‘Magnetism’ as I see it, , , , , , In a nutshell,  when a piece of steel is ‘Magnetized’, all the atoms say  “Aye Aye Sir” spring to attention, and all face one way, thus creating North and South Poles by virtue of the North and South Poles of the individual atoms now forming a strong  concentration. In a hardened steel magnet this is permanent, hence the name “Permanent Magnet” which is the basis of the Bar Magnet and such like..

It may surprise you, that as far back as 150 years ago,  a certain gentleman by the name of Mr. Ampere proposed , and I quote: “Magnetism is caused by  tiny Electric Currents circulating within molecules of Magnetic Material”… He called these “Amperian  Magnetic Electrical Currents” (or something like that).  But he was ridiculed by all his fellow Scientists for such an outrageous suggestion.

A  MODERN  FAIRY TALE !!                                                                                                   Now here comes the Modern Fairy Tale bit, , , , , Fairly recently a HOWARD JOHNSON and a STEVE DAVIS were working late one night with Gauss Meters, and a Computer attempting to map Magnetic Fields when the Computer Screen suddenly displayed a DOUBLE  VORTEX, , ,  ONE INSIDE THE OTHER  WITH OPPOSITE SPINS !!  Over the next few months they  searched Scientific Journals and Libraries and so on,: to see if anyone else had anything to say about this, but results showed , as Howard put it  ”A Great Desert in this area, , , This field has been totally ignored”.  . Their findings were published in the Scientific Journal  “National Laboratory” complete with pictures, but this was met with A  THUNDEROUS  SILENCE !!!

For the ‘Technically Minded’, , , ,  they state that there are three kinds of ‘Amperian Currents’, namely:-

1:  A Double Vortex with opposite spins along side one another.

2:  A Double Vortex with one Vortex inside the other

3:  A FLAT Vortex (Whatever that is!!).


AN  AMAZING  DISCOVERY !!                                                                                                However,   Howard and Steve went a lot  further than this in clarifying their findings by producing Topographical Three Dimensional Models from their Computerized Digital Images. When they did this, they were astonished to see that they clearly displayed A TINY BIT  OF  THE OPPOSITE MAGNETIC POLE  IN ONE CORNER OF A BAR MAGNET !!!  In other words, the North Pole of a Bar Magnet has little bit of South Pole tucked away in one corner and the South Pole, similarly,  has a little bit of North Pole tucked away in one corner (I bet very few people, even  our most  ‘Learned Scientists’ know of this amazing fact!!).


FARADAY  IS “OFF THE HOOK” !!                                                                                However, Howard  says that Faraday was quite correct, but unfortunately misled by his experiment with  Iron Filings on a Card and a Bar Magnet underneath in order to produce a pattern in the Iron Filings  , , , and so will you be too, if you do the same experiment.  This is because you are both doing the experiment IN ONE SINGLE PLANE ONLY (My Comment, , , Just like LOOKING AT ONLY ONE SLICE of a C.A.T. Scan !!).  

 Howard and Steve have now been able to capture the WHOLE PICTURE of what the COMPLETE  MAGNETIC FIELD IS TRULY LIKE IN THREE DIMENSIONAL SPACE !!!

How our understanding of Magnetism would have been today if Faraday had had the facilities to also capture the true three dimensional picture of what is actually happening.


 PROVING  ALL THIS BY A  PRACTICAL  EXPERIMENT                              However,   Howard  and Steve went even further than this , , , They argued that if all this is REALLY  TRUE,  then we MUST surely be able to prove it without any shadow of doubt by means of a practical experiment. So this is what they did , , , , , ,

They made a wooden ‘Railway Track’  a couple of metres long and into this they mounted a whole stack  of Bar Magnets set at an angle in such a way that only all the ‘Rebellious Little Corners’ (My terminology!! ) were exposed. They then prepared a Bar Magnet of a suitable length and shape to represent a ‘Train’ and placed this at one end of the Track. Guess what,, (are you ahead of me ??!! ), , , , , IT  ACTUALLY TRAVELLED TO THE OTHER END OF THE TRACK, ALL OF ITS OWN ACCORD, , , PROPELLED


MY  OWN  SUGGESTIONS                                                                                                          If the ‘track’ were to be made CIRCULAR , , ,  perhaps you might have a  ‘Perpetual Running  Magnetic  Motor’!!   It would probably be very weak, mechanically, as the “Rebellious Corners”  are only small, but, nevertheless,  it might be sufficient to drive a small permanently running little Desk Fan or something similar.!!






THE MAGNETIC GATE EXPERIMENT                                                           t                      Not content with only one experiment to prove their astonishing findings, Howard  and Steve devised a further experiment involving a “MAGNETIC GATE’. They made this by magnetizing four Bar Magnets such that the SIDES of the bars became North and South Poles. They then assembled these into a square ‘Picture Frame’, the front of which would be ALL North Pole whilst the back would be ALL South Pole.                   When a Bar Magnet was passed through the Frame it was found that an APPARENT North Pole, as indicated on a Magnetic Compass,  WOULD ACTUALLY ATTRACT ANOTHER NORTH POLE instead of REPELLING it, as it should do !!!  Howard explains that this is because one set of ‘Vortex Spins’ takes over and IT will provide the ATTRACTION although a Compass will register it as an opposing field (such that North will attract North, thus defying all present day ‘Laws of Physics”!!!

THE UNIVERSITIES                                                                                                                         The Universities could make this “Newly Found Magnetism” the basis for a Thesis for Examination Students. There is obviously a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT  of work  to be done by someone or other in order to unravel this revolutionary concept of Magnetism.

FOR  FURTHER  STUDY                                                                                                      Howard   Johnson’s  book  “The Secret World of Magnets”’    (from which bits have been taken for the above Write-Up)                                                              Published  by  “Cheniere  Press”, Santa Barbara,  U.S.A.                                        ISBN: 0.9725146-6-X .                                                                                                         It is a bit ‘Technical’ in places, but it is packed full splendid large glossy photographs just about on every page and well worth looking at.


P.S. All my writings are my ‘Gift to Humanity’ from which no profit is made, and, as such, are NON Copyright.  So please feel quite free to Edit, Copy and Distribute etc:   as you so wish..




FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ALL (BUT ‘THROTTLED’ Written by “Poppa Howard Davies”



Written By POPPA  HOWARD DAVIES:  July 2011

Saved as “FREE ELECTRICITY  Final.doc”



Although this write-up is over a dozen pages, it should               grip you more like a novel than a lot of technical mumbo           jumbo!!







INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                                                                                    Believe it or not, but FREE ELECTRICITY IN EVERY HOME AND IN ALL OTHER BUILDINGS  has been with us FOR DECADES but it has been strenuously “throttled “ by Oil Companies, Governments, Electricity Authorities and Large Financial Institutions all this time!!  They will go to ANY lengths, either Legally or Illegally.  Later, herein, I will give you just some of the (unbelievable) ways by which they do this..

As one inventor put it  “We are surrounded by a hitherto unrecognised and untapped vast sea of Energy that is FREE for the taking, and by  simply using a minute form of an existing known type of energy it can be manipulated to trigger off an enormous amount of this unrecognised FREE energy in which we are we are all nearly drowning!!

But first let me give you a list of  “FREE  ELECTRICITY”  inventions that have actually already been made, tested  and witnessed by many people., , , , ,Incidentally, the Inventors prefer to call it: “FREE ENERGY” rather than ”FREE  ELECTRICITY”  as it is totally different from  ”Electricity “ as we know it.



This is an amazing story about a 10 year old school girl, Shawnee Baugman, who  won the Top Award at a Science Fair in North Idaho,U.S.A.with a Battery Charging Device made from Match Boxes, Corks and bits of Plastic  that extends the life of an ordinary Torch Battery INDEFINITELY. She based her circuit on a design by JOHN  BEDINI..

A local Newspaper Reporter JEAN MANNING reported that her device drove her Science Teachers nuts when they examined the circuit and saw the little motor happily running ON AN OPEN CIRCUIT, HAVING NO RETURN PATH  AT ALL !!   When a steel coat-hanger, pushed through a coil, was held just above the motor, the coil even produced a small electrical output current!!!  The girl explained that  “FREE  Negative Energy”  was the driving force, which was being extracted from the atmosphere all around us

Jean Manning also, amusingly, reported that JOHN BEDINI had built himself several  ‘Free Energy Devices’ in his home. When the Local Electricity Authority found out about this, however, they cut off his electricity supply on the grounds that he could be feeding electricity back into the National Grid!  After long arguments, and when they finally found that his house still had electricity even without their electricity supply connected, they reluctantly restored it BUT AT AN ENORMOUS ELECTRICITY  TARIFF !!

2: JOHN  BEDINI AND STEVEN  WORTH  DEMONSTE “FREE ENERGY” ON T.V.  AND IN  FRONT  OF A  LARGE LIVE AUDIENCE                                                                                             On a Radio (K.A.B.C.)  Talk Show, hosted by Bill Jenkins, in front of a large audience, held at the Baltimore Hotel  in L.A,  JOHN BEDINI and  STEVEN  WORTH were interviewed, and they ACTUALLY  DEMONSTRATED a “Gravity Field Generator” that gave a measured output of 180%  when activated  by a  by a battery requiring no recharging. The show was also heard by thousands of listeners all over the United States. Bedini (inadvisably??) stated that he intended to manufacture and make available to the General Public his generator at a very low cost.

Two weeks later, Bedini was visited by two huge “Thugs” that pinned him to the wall and told him to “use Gasoline, or else”!!!!!  For his own safety and that of his family he fled fromL.A.toIdaho, and gave up the idea of manufacturing his invention..

3:  JIM WATSON of the U.S.A.                                                                                      Jim Watson of the U.S.A. demonstrated in front of hundreds of witnesses at the International Tesla Conference in Colorado, Springs, in 1984, a Free Energy Generator  that produced  8kw  of  FREE  ELECTRICAL ENERGY.   Subsequently he and his whole family have mysteriously ‘disappeared’  without trace and have never been heard of since !!! , , , , , , ,  (No comment !!!).

4:  Dr. HANS  NIEPIER  states in his book “Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society”, that, when tested,  John Bedini’s devices  proved to have an efficiency of  800%.   Subsequently, 26 independent researchers  SUCCESSFULLY DUPLICATED HIS  DEVICES!!!

5: KENNETH MOORE  a Radio and T.V. Presenter  stated that John Bedini’s “G-Field Electric Motor ”  actually INCREASED SPEED as mechanical loading was applied to the shaft.. He said that this defied all the existing laws electricity and  mechanics, but, utterly astonished, he had witnessed this himself  with his own eyes !!

 6:  SEAN  McCARTHY  (as reported in “The Star”, 30/8/2006)  has developed a  Free Energy Magnetic Generator, and his Ireland based firm STEORN has actually made the machine. The latest situation, (as of April 2008),  is available on the Internet by going to: or by typing “Steorn in Google Search. (At present the firm is in the middle of a legal battle over Trade Marks). His generator was examined by  THIEU  KNAPEN  a highly respected Engineer of the firm KINETRON. When he went back to his firm he made a unit according to McCarthy’s designs and was highly delighted to see that it worked 100%.

7:  THE  MOTIONLESS MAGNETIC GENERATOR” ( abbreviated “MEG”) MADE BYMagnetic Energy Ltd”                                                       On March 26  2002,  a team of Inventors was awarded a United States Patent for a  “MOTIONLESS  MAGNETIC  GENERATOR” (abbreviated  “M.E.G”.)  and full production was anticipated by  2003.. JEANE LOUIS NAUDIN, one of the Inventors, made a public announcement saying that Patents are NEVER granted  that cannot be proven to successfully work beyond any shadow of doubt.

As these Free Energy Devices  have no moving parts they therefore should last a lifetime producing FREE ELECTRICITY. According to the Inventors, their devices would produce 2.5 kilowatts ofFREE Electric Power perpetually.  Four of them could ,therefore, be coupled together to produce a handy household unit of 10 kilowatts, (But for heavens sake, this was in 2002,  a decade ago, so WHERE are you chaps ??!!  , , No prizes for THIS answer !!!).  .  .

8:  Nearer to home in South Africa,  ROSEMARY AINSLIE, a 54 year old South African housewife, was reported in “The Star”, (12/11/2002) as having invented an electrical circuit that produces 17 times more power than it takes in.  The Science Journal “QUANTUM” has published her work after conducting its own tests, and the MTN Science Centre at “Canal Walk” in Cape Town will display the device. At the time, SASOL offered a bursary to Academic Institutions to develop her electrical circuit. Her invention is based on extracting energy from hitherto untapped sources. , , , (But why no further advance since 2002 a decade ago ??!!)  (Also no prizes for the answer !!!). (and what about YOU, , , SASOL  Old Boy  ??!!.).

9: THE U.S .NAVY ACTUALLY  USED  A  FREE ENERGY DEVICE  MADE BY  GENERAL  ELECTRIC  U.S.A.                                                        In 1930, the U.S. Navy used a Free Energy Device to SELF POWER its “Network  Analyzer”  without any Power Supply whatsoever connected to it.  The device was developed by GABRIEL KRON  the Chief Engineer of General Electric U.S.A.  in conjunction with STANFORD UNIVERSITY.  Gabriel has been called  “The Greatest Electrical Scientist  of Modern Times”.  However, HE WAS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO STATE HOW THE DEVICE WORKED OR HOW IT WAS ACTUALLY MADE!!.  But he did, nevertheless, divulge the fact that the principle involved was that a “Negative Resistor” gathers Negative Energy from the  Heavyside Component of the Free Energy’s “Open Path”.


10: THE U.S. ARMY  ALSO ACTUALLY  USED A FREE  ENERGY  DEVICE  IN  ITS  ”MINUTEMAN  MISSILES”!!                                            In the 1960’s, America’s  “WESTINGHOUSE LTD”  patented an  “OVER  UNITY DEVICE”, namely, one having a Coefficient Of Performance (C.O.P.)  greater than 1. This device was ACTUALLY USED IN THE   U.S. ARMY’S   “MINUTEMAN  MISSILES” !!!

11: PAUL BAUMANN’S  “TESTATIKA  MACHINE”                                       This machine extracts  Free Energy  from the atmosphere  that give the same results as ordinary electricity at less than 1% of the cost.  As It does not conform to the conventional ”Laws of Electricity” ,however, Paul earned himself the ridicule of the scientific community’.


12: NIKOLA TESL’S RADIENT ENERGY MAGNOFYING TRANSMITTER.                                                                                                            You can even get a D.I.Y. ‘Kit’  of this ’ to build  your own  Homemade Free Energy  Power Station, , , See details of how to obtain this D.I.Y. Kit in the Web Sites detailed hereunder.




15: DR. TOM BEARDEN  has  two actual working models of a  Permanent Magnet Powered Electrical Transformer. This uses a 6-watt electrical input to control the path of a magnetic field coming out of a Permanent Magnet. By channeling this Magnetic Field, first to one output coil then to a second very rapidly, the device produces a  96-watt electrical output with no moving parts.


16: THE  “METHERNITHA COMMUNITY”  IN SWITZERLAND  This Community  has, at present, 5 or 6 actual working models of ‘Fuel-less Self-Running Devices” that do not need any fuel, as they tap into Free Energy.



(a) .Super-Efficient Electrolysis. Water is usually broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen in a painfully slow way with  Electricity.  However, if  water is hit with its own Molecular Resonant Frequency, it VERY RAPIDLY collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas hardly needing ANY electrical input. at all.  The Hydrogen thus produced could then be used to fuel your car engine FOR ONLY THE COST OF THE WATER !!!!!

(b) Cold Fusion. Although  “Cold Infusion”  is debunked by ”Conservative Scientists” it is, nevertheless, very real. Not only has excess heat production been  documented, but also low energy atomic element transmutations  involving many different reactions have been produced.

18 THERE  ARE  DOZENS  MORE  and many of these are in actual existence at this very time, and working well. These have all been fully substantiated and tested but the above list will just give you some idea of the tremendous amount of activity that is going on  “At Grass Roots Level” at this very moment in the world of  “Free Energy”.


There are many ways of “digging into” this sea of tremendous invisible energy that surrounds us unrecognised..  .Let’s look at just a few of them , , 


John Bedini maintains that the atmosphere is cram full of FREE ENERGY, but the problem is just how to tap into this. The method he uses is to make use of a Vacuum. He says that any  vacuum is “simply teeming with Oceans of NEGATIVE ENERGY just waiting to be released and utilized to our benefit“.

The trick, however, is to get hold of these ‘Oceans’ and utilize them for our own use. He says that once introduced into an electrical circuit,  NEGATIVE ENERY is totally opposite in nature to our conventional positive electric current. When NEGATIVE  ENERGY meets a resistance or an impedance in a circuit, the current  actually INCREASES  !!  (Whereas, normally, with our conventional POSITIVE  Electric Current  we get a  DECREASE in such current that causes a ‘Voltage Drop’.

He also says that with conventional electricity, when Positive Electric Current meets a Resistance or an Impedance, it shoots out  in all directions and this causes  HEAT.  But  . on the other hand, Negative Current actually ‘SHRINKS’ into itself which results in a ‘COOLING ACTION’,  This further results in an INCREASE in EFFICIENCY.  Also, when it meets an Electrical Resistance or Impedance in a circuit it actually ACTS AS AN AMPLIFIER and the vacuum happily provides even more ‘Free Negative Energy’ in order to do this!  So let’s look at some of these “tricks” ==

2:  BY  VIBRATION  INSIDE  THE  VACUUM                                                 A vacuum (in a suitable container) is caused to vibrate. This, in turn, activates the ‘Oceans of Negative Energy’ to also vibrate through resonance.  This is then “extracted” and put to our use.  One method is to inject short sharp spikes of high voltage current into the vacuum in order to activate the initial vibration.  The Negative Energy could, however be activated by other means, such as sound.  , , ,  , , I  read somewhere, that Michael Faraday  played a single note on a violin in front of one of his inventions, and an electric motor started rotating all on its own!. (It seems, therefore, that he was actually “on to something”, but it was “squashed” even in his day!!).

3: BY MEANS OF AN  ELECTRIC MOTOR  COUPLED TO A GENERATOR                                                                                                          Another method is to connect a conventional Electric Motor (driven by a Battery of course) to a conventional Generator on the same shaft. (exactly like a ‘Rotary Converter’). The only addition, however, is that a simple change-over commutator is inserted between the Motor and the Generator whereby the battery selects either the Generator or the Motor with each revolution. The theory is this , , , , The Commutator produces a spiked voltage which SIMULATES  Negative Energy from a vacuum.

When this circulates through theBattery, it charges up its NEGATIVE PLATES instead of conventionally charging its POSITIVE PLATES.  This rejuvenates theBatteryand gives it endless life, which it should not do, BUT IT DOES !!!

My Practical Comment:-  The first-stage(The Electric Motor) could comprise a 12 volt Direct Current, ¼ Horse Power Electric Motor drawing  20 amperes  (i.e. approx 240 watts divided by 12 volts) on full mechanical load. The second stage (The Electrical Generator) could comprise a 12 volt Direct Current  240 watt (approx) Generator that  delivers  20 amperes  as found on some Motor Vehicles for charging the Car Battery. The latter would be as opposed to an Alternating Current “Alternator” that is found in most modern cars today. (complicated  A.C. to D.C  rectification is necessary for this). .     


A completely different approach is though MAGNETISM.   In his book “THE SECRET WORLD OF MAGNETS”  Howard Johnson, digitalized and computerized ‘Magnetic Vortexes’, then translated  these into Topographic Maps’ and ‘Topographical Three-Dimensional Models’. When this was done he was amazed to see a very strange phenomenon, namely, that the North Pole of a Bar Magnet has a tiny bit of South Pole tucked away in one corner, and, conversely,  the South Pole of a Bar Magnet  has a tiny bit of North Pole also tucked away in one corner.

By physically arranging the corners of several Bar Magnets in a row and at an angle on a track, , he used these ‘Tiny Reprobates’ (my ownTterminology) to propel a  ‘Travelling Magnet’ to produce ‘Free Linear Motion several metres long..  Johnson’s book shows a photograph of this  ‘Free Energy Magnetic Railway’.  (My comment is this ,,,  If row of  ‘Angled’ Bar Magnets were to be mounted in a circle, surely you would then have a Permanently Running Free Energy Magnetic Motor !!!)

5: BY MEANS OF SUPER CAPACITORS                                                          Yet another revolutionary approach, which is totally different, is with SUPER CAPACITORS that can be charged up within minutes (instead of hours, as with  batteries).  These Super Capacitors have actually been made by a firm called MAXWELL TECHNOLOGIES and details are available their Website      There is a drawback however, and that is with regard to cost, which, at the moment, is hundreds of times more expensive than anyone would be ever prepared to pay. (Nevertheless, with modern technology coupled with a little bit of ingenuity, I bet it won’t be very long before this revolutionary new concept could come into common usage).

STOP PRESS!!! , , , Since writing the above, I have just come across an article in the Electrical Engineering Magazine  “WattNow”  dated June 2008) in which details are given of a Company,  ZENN  MOTORS”  in Toronto, U.S.A. that is now  actually manufacturing a car  called  a “CITY ZENN”  powered by an  ULTRA –CAPACITOR   (WOW, , I hit the ‘Nail on the Head’ with that little Prophesy,, not so?!)

6: AN AMUSING “WINDMILL ANALOGY”                                            Finally, I just love one of the pro-Free Energy writers cynical statement.  He says that  “Conventional Electricity’ is tantamount to taking a Windmill (that we all fully accept as giving us FREE ENERGY from the wind), sticking it in a closed  barn, then supplying a Petrol-Engine Driven Fan in order to blow air onto the sails of the Windmill so that we can grind our corn !!”

MY OWN  CONCLUSIONS                                                                                            If there REALLY was no harm to the Oil Industry and similar antagonists, they would have just “tutted and smiled” in sympathy and said to these inventors “Oh dear, you poor chaps”.    So, , ,  why all this highly volatile hyper over-reaction? , ,  , It is more than obvious that ‘these chaps’  MUST BE STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS AT ALL COSTS as they are  REALLY are on to something that could rebound onto us..

I, personally, am of the opinion that all the evidence is overwhelming in so far as that we have definitely got Free Energy with us here and now, like it or not. It is simply case of just how long it will take to by-pass the “Big Boys” in their attempts to suppress the truth. .For goodness sake, it was in successful operation by the U.S Navy in the 1930’s and the U.S. Army in the 1960’s. It did not take many decades for  X-Rays, Penicillin, Television, Cell Phones, Satellites, Jet Planes, Computers, the Internet and such like to get off the ground!!  But there is one glaring common denominator with all of these items, , , , , namely, : NONE OF THESE  DEVELOPMENTS  WERE DETRIMENTAL TO THE OIL MOGULS !!!!!!!    (Coincidence?, , ,  , Naaarrr!!!!)




Here are a few WEB SITES which can be ‘Surfed’ by those of you wishing to study this fascinating subject further , , , ,

1:   This site gives details of a “MEG TRANSFORMER” that

“Generates ”Free Electricity” . (Complete with photographs of working models)

OR:- Type  John Bedini “   in Google Search

2:: For Sean McCarthy’s Irish Magnetic Generator (also with good pictures) go to  or type “Steorn” in Google Search then click on the Link  “Directory Steorn Free Energy-PESWiki”.

3:  As mentioned above, go to for details (and splendid pictures) of Maxwell Technologies ’SUPER CAPACITORS’.

4: For Nikola Tesla’s  D.I.Y. Kit to build our own FREE  Electricity  Power Station for your home, go to GOOGLE SEARCH and type in “Free Energy Devices” then click on the link “Green Home made power, , , etc:”. The cost is about $47.00   




The obvious answer of course is that “It will put all the Oil Companies out of business”

But actually, this reason is only the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’. I list just some these as follows:-


When I say ”Enormously Wealthy”, I mean those Institutions worth Trillions, let alone Billions. Such Institutions move money around the Stock Market and indeed, even around the whole world of finance like pieces on a Chess Board. They, are thus, behind the scenes, BUT  IN FULL CONTROL of the World’s  Economy. Their main delight, is, therefore, “PERSONAL POWER”.  An independent source of Entirely Free Energy in the hands of every Tom, Dick, and Harry would very soon jeopardize such Power drastically.    

           WHAT  MEANS  DO THEY USE  TO TRY AND STOP  FREE  ENERGY ?                                                                                                                           The means they have used in the past to suppress Free Energy  includes:-   Intimidation,    “Expert” Debunkers,   the Buying and “Burying”  of Inventions  and  THE MYSTERIOUS  “DISSAPEARANCE”  OF THE INVENTORS.AND THEIR FAMILIES !!!!

They have also promoted the Scientific Theory that ‘Free Energy’ (like  ‘Perpetual Motion’ )  is impossible and is just the hallucinations of a deranged mind !!

 2:  GOVERNMENTS                                                                                                    The problem here is quite a different one, namely, all Governments try to ensure and  maintain  “National Security”.  There is a constant jockeying for position in world affairs. Unlimited Free Energy would lead to a change in the ‘Balance of Power’. Everybody will have Free Energy, so the fear of all Governments is that of  “Self-Preservation”.

    WHAT  MEANS  DO THEY  USE  TO TRY AND STOP  FREE  ENERGY ?                                                                                                           Governments use completely different means of  ‘Suppression’.  These include:-  The refusal to  grant  Patents  (based on the grounds of “National Security” )      The harassment of the Inventors themselves with falsified Criminal Charges,    Falsified Tax Audits,     Trumped up Bankruptcy Charges,  Threatening the Inventor’s Factory Workers with imprisonment  on the grounds of being “Accessories”,  Phone Taps,  Arson,   The “Trashing of Workshops and Homes,   and a host of similar  intimidations  . (All done behind a very safe screen of obscurity, of course).  These are outrageous but are, nevertheless, fully documented with indisputable  evidence in other write–ups similar to this one. One really  “horrific“ one (that of “Dennis Lee) is fully detailed later.

3: CON- MEN  AND  THE  MEDIA                                                                         On the periphery of Free Energy lies a shadow world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. The Media has also been put to good use by all the “Suppressors”, in so far as it gives no  recognition at all to any break-through in Free Energy Technology but large front page prominence to the very worst examples of these “periphery” people, thus discrediting the actual truth.

4: SELL – OUTS                                                                                                           Billions if not trillions of Dollars are at stake, so what is a mere Couple of Million or so?

Wouldn’t you sell out for five million to “withdraw your invention ?  (Especially if the only other alternative was to go to jail  on a trumped up charge!!!)   “Everyone has their price” as the saying goes.

Or are we, like the Governments, , , , , , namely, we don’t want to endanger our survival ?   And most people fear the future, even if it might, just possibly, contain rich rewards.


Type “Free Energy Cover Up” in Google Search, There are  33,300,000 Links at time of writing !!!   (This certainly shows the enormous amount of interest in this matter. It would appear, therefore, that “The “Grass Roots“   are far more extensive than anyone would possibly  expect , , , not so??!!).

6:  AN  ACTUAL HORRIFIC  “COVER-UP”  STORY                                 One of the most outrageous examples of “cover-up” is that of DENNIS LEE  which was published in ‘Nexus” an Australian Journal  dated  June/July 1994.  I summarise it very briefly as follows :-

1: In 1987 Dennis Lee invented a Super Heat Pump that saved 80% on oil fuel bills. This resulted in the following unbelievable results:-

2: The United States Attorney General brought a suit against his Company based on false evidence.

3: His factory was continually broken into every night and trashed!

4: A “Planted Employee” incited all the other employees to strike.

5: His firm was filed for Bankruptcy although his finances were in excellent shape.

6: He received death threats.

7: He therefore fled from Washingtonto Bostonand set up again there.  Whilst doing this  however, he stumbled across   FREE ELECTRICAL ENERGY.  His discovery was fully substantiated by 3 Top Scientists and he wrote of his findings to President Carter who, just at that particular time, by sheer coincidence,  was enthusiastically advocating for research into ‘Alternative Energy Sources. (Denis Lee’s letter was totally ignored!!!).

8: In January 1998, 13 armed men in battle dress raided Lee’s factory and seized all his records, drawings and prototypes. Despite all this, he finally produced and started to market his ‘Free Energy Device’.

9:  He was immediately arrested and charged with 38 counts of violation of the Law. These contained  487 acts of Theft and Fraud. !!!!!

10: He spent a whole year in jail simply awaiting trial !!

11:  Bail was set at an extortionate One Million Dollars (7 million Rand)..

12: He managed to raise this enormous amount of Bail BUT IT  WAS  REFUSED !!

13:  All his employees  (even including his Mail Clerks!) were threatened with 60 years imprisonment for being “Accessories” unless they resigned on the spot !!

14:  When his trial finally was due to come up, the Judge offered him a “Plea Bargain” if he pleaded guilty. So he agreed to this..

15: This was a trick, however, and so, self-confessed, he was sent to prison.                 


                                  GENERAL COMMENTS

1:  “UNSPIRITUAL”  AND  “SPIRITUAL” BEHAVIOUR”                      All these “Suppression Forces” are simply different facets of the same thing. Namely.  there is really only one driving force preventing the availability of Free Energy,  and that is  “Unspiritual  Behavior”. In other words,  “Unspiritual”  humans could NOT be trusted with Free  Energy because they would only do what they have always done for centuries, and that is to take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process. .

On the other hand, “Spiritual Behavior” recognises that Free Energy is “God’s Free Gift to Mankind,”  i.e. “An Outward  Manifestation of Divine Love Through Infinite  Abundance”.   In this instance, the driving force is the economy of an enlightened society, where people behave in a respectful and civil manner towards one another and towards all things..

2:  NEW BEGINNINGS  AT GRASS ROOTS LEVEL  THROUGH  COMMUNICATION                                                                                                  What is also coming about nowadays is the fact that you and I can now communicate with each other better than at any time in the past. The Internet offers Free Energy  a  fantastic spring board in this regard…

What is happening  now, is that inventors are starting to publish their work, as an act of “Public Service” instead of patenting it for themselves in the hope of huge personal profits. More and more people are “giving away” information on Free Energy Technology in the way of books, videos,  websites and actual Working .Drawings (Tom Bearden’s “Free Energy Generation:  Circuits and Schematicsis a perfect  example of this).  It is unfortunately true that there is a great deal of useless information regarding Free Energy on the Internet. The availability of really good information is, nevertheless, rising rapidly, so we must be “Intelligently Selective” !!.   All of us must contribute wherever humanly possible.. If we stand up and refuse to remain silent and action-less, we can change the course of history. Only mass action AT GRASS ROOOTS LEVEL can create the world we want to live in..

3:  THE AVALANCHE  CAN’T  BE STOPPED  NOW                                Not all Free Energy Inventions will put a free fuel-less Power Plant in our homes, but it will CERTAINLY change everything about the way we live, work and relate to each other. It obsoletes greed and fear for survival. But like all exercises of  ‘Spiritual Faith’, we must, ourselves, first manifest generosity, trust and love in our own lives. We will each then be contributing in our own small way to be earning this “Free Gift” that God is trying to give us at this moment in time.

Free Energy is here, as it has virtually been for decades. Fantastic Communication and the Internet are now tearing down the veil of secrecy appertaining to Free Energy,   People all over the world are starting to build their own  Free Energy devices. In their back-yards, independent of the big factories.  The Bankers and Governments naturally don’t want this to happen, but they can’t stop the avalanche now that it has started.

4:  BUT  THEY WILL TRY ! (SO BE PREPARED FOR SOME INITIAL HARD  TIMES).                                                                        Tremendous economic instabilities and wars and rumors of wars could be used to distract the General Public’s attention from the development of Free Energy. The Media would be “Gagged’ of course as well as other similar well established methods of “Hushing Up” things that Governments don’t want the General Public to know about.

If, however, you yourself have a Free Energy device, (that are now becoming more freely available if you know where to get one or how to build one) you may be in a better position to support the transition that is obviously now underway.

5:  MY  OWN PERSONAL OBSEVATIONS  IN  CLOSING                         1:  The ultimate result of individualized Free Electrical  Power would be some kind of Geyer sized unit that would be installed as common practice in all residences. We do this now as a matter of course for Hot water, so why not also for Free Electricity?

2:  Such a unit might  be too heavy to be installed in the Roof Space, in which case, it would have to go into a cupboard or even be fully exposed. We fully exposed Geysers in Bathrooms and Kitchens nowadays anyway, and this is fully accepted.

3:  Because of large Electric Power demands, Industry is a completely different “Kettle of Fish”.  Probably existing Electricity Reticulation and Power Stations would still be needed but with the conventional Large Electricity Generators being replaced with Large Free Energy Generators. 

4:   Because Oil Companies and Petrol Stations, would become redundant, there would be a massive revolution in the “Economy” and a redistribution of “Labour” and so on.

The Oil Companies would obviously not take at all kindly to this (and this would be the greatest opposition to ‘Free Energy’). But when we run out of Oil, which is now already on the horizon, the same thing will happen, exactly  , , So What ??!!.

5:  Free Energy would, therefore, have to be “Phased In” gradually. The Alternative?:  When we run out of oil COMPLETELY, do we then phase in NOTHING  AT ALL TO  REPLACE IT  gradually?!!   Only then will all opposition disappear  BUT  BY  THEN   IT COULD  BE  TOO  LATE !!





Here are 26  “WAITER”  JOKES from POPPA HOWARD”S  ” JOKES  ENCYCLOPAEDIA”.          Before giving them to you however, here is a little “Wisdom” that is at the beginning of my Jokes Encyclopaedia , , , , , ,  ,,  , ,

A GOOD TIP  ===  LAUGH A LOT!!                                                                        Case History, , , , A certain Norman Cousins had a terminal  illness and was given six months at the very most to live. He was in continuous pain. One day he noticed that, after watching a humorous show on television when he had had  a good laugh, his pain ceased for about half an hour thereafter.

So he went all out for humour and laughter, hiring humorous films, buying humorous comics and joke books, reading all the cartoons in the Newspapers and magazines and so on. . Anything to make him laugh. He played with children a lot. He made them laugh and they made him laugh. You guessed it!! His illness disappeared completely.  His doctors were astounded.

Here is another very interesting and instructive little tit-bit about laughter ===     In her book “Angel Answers”, Diana Cooper tells of a man in a canoe on the Amazon River with three Shamans when they were attacked by a cloud of mosquitoes. The man was stung all over and put up quite a performance slapping himself and jumping up and down. He became absolutely furious when the Shamans started laughing uproariously at his performance. “We were not  laughing at you” they explained  “We laugh to raise our vibrations so that the mosquitoes avoid us.   (WOW !! Now there is food for thought and also a very practical little gem !!!!).

The Bottom line === “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!” —- HOW  VERY  TRUE!!!    So, if you get ill, , , ,  LAUGH IT  OFF.


Also remember that Laughter is healthy because it is “JOGGING ON THE INSIDE!!”

Here now are  my WAITER JOKES, , , read, laugh and enjoy , , , , , ,



In a restaurant, the people that serve you, make you wait.  Hence, they are called WAITERS

1: Waiter: “ How did you find your meat Sir?”

Diner   “ Oh so easy!  I turned over a pea, and behold, there it was!”.

2: Diner: “Waiter!  Where is the muffin I ordered half an hour ago?!”.

Waiter: “I’m terribly sorry Madam, I thought you said ‘NUTHIN”.

(Incidentally, the foregoing is a true story that actually happened to a                 daughter of  one of our Elphin Lodge Residents!).

3: Diner: ”Waiter! What on earth has been used for stuffing in this chicken?”

Waiter:  “Actually, there was no need for any Sir. The new cook said that it                           was not  empty!”


Waiter “ That’s all right Sir, it’s not hot”.

5:  Waiter: “If you don’t like the food Sir, perhaps you could bring it up at our         Complaints Desk on your way out”.

6:   Diner: “Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud!”

Waiter: ” That’s not surprising Sir, it was ground early this morning”.

7:  Waiter:  ” We highly recommend these rock cakes Madam, please take                                    your  pick!”.

8: “What lovely soup, what lovely soup” he kept repeating in front of the                 waiter!

9:  Waiter: ” Did you enjoy your dinner Sir?”

Diner:  “Yes thank you. What time do you serve the main meal?”.

10: Diner: “Waiter! When am I going to get my meal?”

Waiter: “ Just as soon as the new cook has scraped it back into the pan                                   Sir”.

11: Diner: ”Waiter, may I ask you a ‘Metaphysical Question’ ?”  “Why is it that whenever I wave in order to attract the attention of one of you blokes, I suddenly become invisible?!”

12: Diner:  “Waiter! This soup looks funny!”

Waiter:  “ Yes, I certainly agree Sir.   We were all having a good laugh over                            it in the  kitchen just now!”.

13: Diner, diplomatically, to Hotel de Maitre: “Yes thank you, the meal was              heavenly”     (under his breath: “Yes, LIKE NOTHING ON EARTH !!).

14: Diner: ”Waiter!  Regarding this lunch you have just served me! WORDS                               JUST  FAIL ME!”

Waiter: “ Oh good! Sir!   For a moment, I thought that you were about to                             complain!”.

15:  Waiter: “The vegetables you are eating are the freshest in town Sir. They          come straight from our gardens onto your plate..

Diner: “So I notice, nearly all raw, and all tasting of compost & fertilizer,                          and I have just spotted a couple of worms!!!”

16:   Waiter: “Did you enjoy your soup Sir? It came all the way fromItaly”

Diner: “Indeed?  Well, that certainly explains why it was ice cold!”

17:   Diner, in the Management Dining Room in a Nuclear Power Plant:                        “ Waiter! What is on the menu today?”

Waiter: “ FISION CHIPS  SIR!”.

18:    Diner: “What is on the Menu today?”

Waiter:” At the moment a Glass of Water is standing on it”

19:  Diner: “Waiter! Your tie and your sleeve are in my dinner!!”

Waiter: “Don’t worry Sir.  I’ll wash them tonight!”.

20:   Diner: “Waiter! You have only put ONE lump of sugar in my coffee. I                                     asked for TWO!!

Waiter:  “How can you tell Sir?”

Diner:  “ I CAN SEE IT !!”

21:  Diner: “Waiter, do you serve lobsters”

Waiter: “ Oh yes Sir, , ,we will serve anyone”

22:  Diner: “Waiter, there’s a fly on my ice cream”

Waiter: “Oh Yes Sir, the flies all come in here for their winter sports skiing”

23:  Diner: Waiter, what is the ‘Soup of the Day?’

Waiter: “Friday’s Soup, Sir”

24:  Woman on a strict diet to Waiter: “I am ordering boiled fish and a dish of lettuce,  but  you must bring me Roast Lamb and your famous ‘Sundae Special Full Cream  by mistake”

25:  Diner: “Waiter, please bring me a Coffee without Cream”

Waiter: “I’m sorry Sir, we are out of Cream. Will you have it without                                      Milk?”

26:  Waiter:  “Sugar in your Coffee Sir?”

Diner: “Yes please, six spoonfuls,  but don’t stir it, I don’t like it sweet”






Texts and names that are translated from one language into another many years later are always suspect as to their accuracy. There are a multitude of reasons for this as the following observations made by me will clearly show. .


Taking Aramaic as an example of a very primitive language,  it has very few words compared with other languages. (only about 9,000 words ). Consequently, one word will have a multitude of meanings AND IT IS ONLY BY THE VOLUME, TONE, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, BODY LANGUAGE AND NUANCES ETC: that the listeners at that time fully comprehend what the speaker really intended.

In astounding contrast, Greek has over 200,000 words  (Yes, , ”.200-Thou”  NOT a  misprint!!)  so it therefore has tremendous scope for expression and description.. Hence the renowned Greek Classics), , ,.  [per William Barclay’s “The Gospel of John”].

MY QUICK CALCULATION OF THE NUMBER OF WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE .                                                                                                     In my Webster’s English Dictionary, there are, on average, about 40 words on a page.  As there are 775 pages in all, this multiplied by 40 words per page works out at a total of approximately 31,000 words in the English Language. Ignoring such words as “antidisestablishmentarianism” and such like, we use about 15,000 to make ourselves understood, or about 20,000 if we want to sound like a University Professor!   On the other hand, Aramaic has only  about  9,000   (as already mentioned above).    Visual support in the form of ‘Body language’ is, therefore, absolutely vital in order to make oneself fully understood.


AN  EXAMPLE OF A MISTRANSLATION,  NAMELY “MISHPAT”  IN  HEBREW.   It is interesting to note that the Hebrew word “MISHPAT” is translated in all versions of the Bible as  “JUDGEMENT”.  But,, , , if it  was said with a smile, it would have meant “REDEMPTION”, or “VINDICATION”.. A VERY big difference.  It is, therefore, very fortunate for us that God, is our ‘Redeemer’, rather than our “Judge”, , , , not so??!!

IDIOMATIC  PHRASES  CAN  BE  DRASTICALLY  MISLEADING  Another problem in translating from Ancient Texts (or ANY Texts for that matter) is that Nuances and Idiomatic Phrases (or should it rather be “Idiot-matic”, ha ha!!) change their meanings drastically when examined a lot later on. Consider these three present day expressions  for example —

A happy experience is described as “A shot in the arm” (Translated in future generations as  “Receiving a Bullet Wound”!)

And what about “He was over the moon!” (Translated in future times as “He was an astronaut in orbit”!!)

And today, a man might refer to something very impressive as “Being Cool!” but future generations might translate this to the effect that that particular item was “Ice-Cold”!

Even worse are things said with a smile or a laugh ALWAYS MEAN THE EXACT OPPOSITE , , ,  For example:-

Whilst holding one’s sides laughing = “Oh stop it, you’re killing me!!”  (No comment!!!!)

And what about  == “ Oh go and jump in the lake”                                                       or even worse by far   “Drop dead!!!” (Definitely NO COMMENT !!!!!!).

There is a splendid example of the exact opposite misinterpreted in the Bible where Jesus says (in ‘The Beatitudes’, Matthew 5:v5) “Blessed are the MEEK for they shall inherit the earth”.  The original word in Aramaic said with a frown has an exceedingly long list of meanings, namely:- Meek, Humble, Poor, Subservient, Self-effacing. These are all NEGATIVE, but, the VERY SAME Aramaic word said with a smile also means MODERATION, SELF-CONTROL, DISCRETION, FAIRNESS, JUSTICE AND REASONABLENESS,  i.e.  the exact opposite, all definitely POSITIVE ! .

Spoken with a frown or a smile will, therefore, once again, change the whole meaning from a negative one to a positive one !!  In modern day language, in ‘Positive Mode’, Jesus would have probably meant  “Blessed are those WHO LIVE IN MODERATION IN ALL THINGS, for they shall inherit (i.e. be provided with) on earth, all the physical things that they justly deserve. Or put even another way, “Moderation” should not be regarded as an ‘Invocation of Limits’ but rather as an ‘Invocation of Love and Rationality’. In my own mind, I am quite certain that Jesus actually said this the word WITH A SMILE and not a FROWN !! (A whopping big difference in what Jesus actually meant,, not so?

And what about ”The POOR in spirit “, , Besides the obvious negative words such as  “Lacking”,  “Depletion”,  “Deficient”  etc:  the very same word said with a smile can also mean  “SIMPLICITY”,    “PURITY” , “UNCOMPLICATED” (i.e. not having to reach God only through Candles, Bells, Incense, and The Priesthood  etc: ) and finally “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” , (,WOW !!  What a difference.!!  I am quite sure that Jesus meant the latter and NOT the former !!).



TRANSLATORS  CANNOT  POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT  THE  SPEAKER MEANT  ORIGINALLY,  BECAUSE  THEY  WERE  NOT  THERE  AT THE  TIME !!                                                                                                                           All the foregoing will give you some idea of the enormous and impossible problems that translators have to face.  Because  they were not there at the time in order to SEE what the orator really intended, they obviously cannot be held to blame for choosing the wrong words in present day language. It is all an extremely unfortunate and sad situation with no-one really to blame and with no apparent easy solution..

 TRANSLATIONS  GOING  VIA  OTHER  LANGUAGES                              This of course DOUBLES  or even TREBLES  the problems mentioned above depending on how many languages a  ‘Translated Text’  goes through.  But apart from this, another  VERY serious problem indeed is when  translations are changed purposely in order to suit the customs of a Country.  Take GREEK for example, , ,  Only FEMALE  names in Greek end with a vowel.  So it is the Greek custom that any MALE names ending in a vowel coming into,  or via,  the Greek Language automatically have the letter “S” (“Sigma”) added to the end of it to change it from the Greek FEMALE to the Greek MALE !!!.
An even worse fiasco was when the English Language only introduced the letter “J” as late as the  SIXTEENTH CENTURY, , ,   So any Texts  and Names etc:  prior to this date DID NOT EVEN CONTAIN THE LETTER “J” !!!

Just think, , , if your name was  originally ALFONZO , then today, this would be  JALFONZOS  or if  OTTO it would be  JOTTOS  or if  ELLIE  it would be  JELLIES    or if  EDNA it would be  JEDNAS?   or if  EVA it would be JEVAS  or if ANGELA  it would be  JANGELAS  ,  , , ,  , , , , It all amounts to EXACTLY  the same thing!! 

AND  FINALLY, THE  NAME OF “JESUS”                                                             As regards the name of “JESUS”, , , , during the last  War, I was evacuated  to  Caerwys in North Wales in order to escape the terrible bombing on Merseyside, and thus became well acquainted with the Welsh Language.  The name for Jesus in Welsh is  “IESU “  (Pronounced  “Yes –ee”).  This is probably the nearest to the original because   Wales, being very mountainous, escaped these language changes as they were not influenced by the Romans invading the rest of the world.  As to the English, well, , ,  indeed to goodness, look you , , ,  they strongly resist any English influence whatsoever, even today, , (They even go overboard having p.

 Actually, the Welsh people pronounce “Iesu” so “Lovingly’ ,  , I quote a lovely Welsh hymn:– “Iesu, Iesu, ‘r wyt yn ddigon” (Jesus, Jesus, Thou art all sufficient”) (262 in Emynau’r  Myfyrwyr  [The Students’ Hymnal]  )”, , , . To hear it sung as a Solo by a Welsh Tenor nearly brings “Goose-Pimples” and tears to the eyes!!!   

Tail Piece:                                                                                                                                       I was on the School Bus one day sitting next to Ruth, (my School – Girl “Sweetheart”) and I was telling her something or other, and happened to say ”Yes, he was”., , , ,  A woman in front of us turned around ad gave me such a stern,  , reprimanding  “dirty look”.  After she had turned back, I whispered to Ruth “What was all that about?”   She giggled and whispered  “She thought that you were swearing!!







By  POPPA  HOWARD  DAVIES , , , ,  July 2011.           

Saved as: “ASTROLOGY Questioned.doc”  (Also Saved as  “STARS Optical Illusion.doc”)

INTRODUCTION  Here is something for you to chew on.  I have no logical answer myself, perhaps you can come up with something.   I will simply point out the INDISPUTABLE  SCIENTIFIC  PROVEN  FACTS and then you can then draw your own conclusions.

1: FACT: Our nearest ‘Star-Neighbour’ is “Alpha Centauri AB”  (”AB” because they are actually ‘Twins’). Incidentally, it (they) is the third .brightest of all the stars in the night sky.  It is 4.37 light-years away from us, which means that, if we had a VERY powerful telescope, we would see events taking place there only 4 years after they had actually occurred. It could have exploded and completely disappeared or turned yellow with blue stripes in the meantime, , , , but we will only see this  4 years later.!!

2: FACT: The light from very distant stars, takes millions of years to reach us. By the same token, as above, therefore, if their inhabitants also had extremely powerful telescopes, they could, right now,, be watching Moses wandering in the desert !!!.

3: FACT:  All stars are on their bicycles at unbelievable speeds. Therefore, the night sky, as we see it now, is NOT as it is NOW, but AS IT WAS, maybe millions of years ago.

4: FACT: Yet all these stars form the various constellations that we call  ‘The Zodiac’ which, in turn, form the whole basis for ‘Astrological Calculations’.  So we are only seeing the stars in the Zodiac constellations as they WERE, millions of years ago, , ,Furthermore, the distance across the knowable Universe is about 15 BILLION Light Years., therefore the ‘Margin of Error’ is, in fact, anything between  4 -Years (i.e. Alpha Centauri) and 15 Billion Years !!!!

5: FACT : At this point in time, any stars that  we are looking at, could actually be millions or even billions of years distant away from where we think they are , busy making shapes of entirely new constellations, that only future generations will see.  If, today, at this VERY EXACT MOMENT all the stars were to suddenly disappear out of all existence, leaving an entirely empty night sky, , , , , the VERY VERY EARLIEST that we would become aware of this would be in FOUR YEARS FROM NOW, and at the latest, only perceived by future generations in many many years to come!!!



SO,, , , , ,  THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS:  How can Astrology base its findings on stars that are not even  there  because they are now, at this very moment in time, in completely new constellations that only our Great- Great- Great- Great-  Grandchildren will see ???!!!.

My own ‘Theory’  about how Astrology sometimes does seem to work is as follows:- By some kind of  ‘’mass hypnotism’’, an ‘Energy Field’ of some sort  is generated that actually creates the various situations that are erroneously prophesied by Astrologers. Then we say to ourselves  “Gosh!! Astrology really works!!”  (Have you any better ideas??!!)., , ,  As I say, , , I am only stating SOLID FACTS where 2 plus 2 doesn’t seem to add up to 4 !!!

I asked a few people who are interested in Astrology what they thought of my conclusions, but none could give me any logical explanations. The general opinion was that my conclusions are probably correct, but we will just have to take Astrology ‘In Good Faith’ .







Also saved as: :“Optical IllusionPlanets.doc”


In our own ‘little’ Planetary System we also have an Optical Illusion of our very own!




Here is a nice little summary you might like to Copy / Paste and Print for your own records.


a: OUR EARTH  Light and energy from our Sun takes just over 8 minutes to reach us.  This is calculated as follows:-


i:  We are 93 million miles away from the sun.


ii: Light travels at 186,000 miles per second.


iii: Therefore, this will take 93,000,000 / 186,000 =


= 500 seconds  =  8.33 minutes to reach us.



b: MERCURY (nearest planet to the Sun) is 36 million miles away from the sun, and is, therefore,  (93 – 36) =  57 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 57,000,000 / 186,000 =  259 seconds =  4.8 minutes  to reach us..




c: VENUS (next to Mercury and also next to us) is  67 million miles away from the sun, and is, therefore, (93 – 67 ) =  26 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 26,000,000 / 186,000 = 140 seconds =  2.3 minutes to reach us.



d: MARS (next to us on the outer-space side) is 142 million miles from the sun, and is, therefore,


(142 – 93)  =  49 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 49,000,000 / 186,000 = 263seconds =  4.4 minutes  to reach us.    .



e: JUPITER (next ‘’outwardly’’) is  483 million miles away from the sun , and is, therefore,  (483 – 93) =  390 million miles away from us.. Its light must take 390,000,000 / 186,000 =  2,096 seconds =  35 minutes to reach us.



f:: SATURN (with its ‘’Rings’’) is 887 million miles from the sun, and is, therefore,  (887 – 93) =  794 million miles away  from us. Its light must take 794,000,000 / 186,000 = 4,269 seconds = 71 minutes = 1 hour, 11 minutes to reach us.



g: URANUS is 1,780 million miles away from the sun, and is, therefore, (1,780 – 93) =  1,687 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 1,687,000,000 / 186,000 = 9,070 seconds =  151 minutes = 2.5 hours to reach us..



h: NEPTUNE is 2,800 million miles away from the sun, and is, therefore, (2,800 – 93) =2,707 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 2,707,000,000 / 186,000 = 14,554 seconds  =  242 minutes4 hours  to reach us.



i: PLUTO is 3,600 million miles away from the sun, and is, therefore, (3,600 – 93) = 3,507 million miles away from us.  Its light must take 3,507,000,000 / 186,000 = 18,855 seconds =  314 minutes = over  5 hours  to reach us.   



j: OUR MOON  is only 238,857 (mean) miles from us which means that its light takes only just over one second to reach us.(i.e. 238,857 miles divided by the light-speed of 186,000 miles per second = 1.28 seconds. compared with 8.33 minutes  in the case of the Sun (see “a” above).







MY OWN CONCLUSIONS , , , (But yours may differ considerably!)  So, what does all the above tell us ?   Well, to my simple little mind, what I THINK I SEE IN THE NIGHT SKY,  cannot possibly be there at all!!  Even if I were to study the rings surrounding  Saturn with only an average sized telescope, what I see NOW in my lens was what the rings were  like 1 hour 11 minutes ago  (They could have toddled off to their Time-Share Beach Cottage in the meantime!!)





THE SO-CALLED PLANETORY “LINE-UP”                                                    Here is something else to chew on  , , ,  Consider the situation, not all that long ago, when the Astronomers  all went ballistic because our planets would  SUPPOSEDLY  all be lined up like coconuts in a coconut shy. But now, in view of the foregoing FACTS, how could this have possibly done so ?   Not a single one of them would have been there on time !!  In fact, the outer guys had come and gone many hours before the supposed ‘’line-up’’ event.!!  It was no surprise to me, therefore, that nothing at all startling happened !!


GOD’S LITTLE  LEG-PULLS.                                                                                       God has a very real sense of humour, as He just loves to play to play little tricks on us, not so ?   For instance, it was not all that long ago that we all thought that the earth was FLAT.(at any rate, it definitely is where I live, and what is more, I can prove it conclusively  with an extremely accurate Spirit Level!).  Another little trick played on us was to make us all think that the Sun and the Stars ROTATE AROUND US AS THEIR HUB , , ,  (Any idiot can see that the Sun rises in the east then proceeds to rotate overhead during the rest of the day!).


And now we have yet another huge leg-pull, whereby we are only shown ‘’Snap-Shots’’ of the Night Sky AS IS WAS THOUSANDS OR EVEN BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO but masquerading as the present !!




TAIL PIECE                                                                                                                            The actual present position of all the Stars and Planets with their enormous Magnetisms and Radiations certainly MUST  have far reaching effects on many other things such as our Earth Quakes, Hurricanes, Tornados,  Destructive Tidal Waves,  Polar- Ice-Cap-Melting,  Shift-of-Magnetic-Poles, Tilting –of-the-Earth’s-Axis,   Possible Collisions by Asteroids and so on.  But these Asteroids are not actually physically located where we think that they are at this moment , and this makes it impossible to calculate long-term predictions of a possible collision with the earth with any degree of accuracy.  


This is why I question Astrology, , , Even if a person believes in Astrological Predictions  I don’t see how such predictions  can possibly work.  This is because, based on my diggings into the facts and my resulting  meditations, how can you base something on something that is not even  there ?   It also puts into doubt Ancient Prophesies that were based on Star Locations. 



If anyone has any plausible answers, or can add to the foregoing, do please let me know, because I haven’t a clue!!!!.  , , ,     I will be MOST interested !!!.                         




                                              END OF  DOCUMENT             


















(August 1966).   by “POPPA”   HOWARD DAVIES

(Saved as:”RANDSHOW without Pics.doc”)





It is simply amazing how enormous projects grow out of tiny insignificant beginnings. THE RAND EASTER SHOW is a typical example of this, and reads almost like a Fairy Tale!! , , , ,, , Let me elaborate , , , , , , , , , ,



Once upon a time  (ha ha !!) , , , , ,during a Council meeting of the Association of  Supervising Electrical Engineers of South Africa (I was Chairman at the time) we were debating how to increase our membership, and it was suggested that we try and sponsor an Electrical Exhibition and have a ‘Stall’ where we could do all the necessary advertising. By an amazing coincidence, a Promotion Agency was starting off the ELECTRA EXHIBITION just then, having procured just one hall at the Milner Park Agricultural Showground in Braamfontein, Johannesburg for this purpose.

A Mr. Norman Pinker who ran this Promotions Agency, (and who was a real ‘Fire Brand’) was the man who actually did all the negotiating with the ‘Powers That Be’ .and really got the ‘Show on the Road’ (pun intended!!).




Up until 1965 this Showground had only been used for the Annual Easter Show of the South African Agricultural Society (founded in 1894) where they showed off Cattle and Farming Equipment etc: (So this is why the Rand Show is always held each Easter!!) , , ,  , , , (You live and learn, Hey Wot!!)

To cut a long story short, we worked like crazy trying to persuade Electrical Companies to exhibit in this hall in order to make themselves better known and to promote their sales etc:. And we had our own Stall at the ‘Place of Honour’ (thanks toNorman) at the main entrance to the hall.


OUR  FIRST  ”BIG  LAUNCH”  However, we decided to give it A REALLY  BIG LAUNCH the following year which was held from 25th. to 31st  August.1966.. We again had our own A.S.E.E. stall at the entrance to the hall where write-ups were handed out giving details of the Association and inviting Electrical Engineers who had come to see the Exhibition to join the Association..(Some Engineers actually joined then and there!).

We invited Dr. H.G. MONNIG, the Scientific Advisor to the South African Prime Minister to officially open the Exhibition. (Which he duly did and he made a splendid and very appropriate Speech).

We also invited the most prominent Engineers we could think of as Guests of Honour to give everything a really good send off.  I still have a large glossy photograph of our stall and also a FULL PAGE devoted to ELECTRA in ‘THE STAR’  Newspaper dated 25 August 1966 (together with my captioned picture as Chairman of the Association’ !!)




OUR OWN  A.S.E.E. AUDITORIUM AND  A BIG ‘SYMPOSIUM ’Needless to say, our 1966 was a huge success and the following year (1967) we even had our own A.S.E.E. Auditorium where we held a  big Symposium entitled “Electrical Safety in the Home”. This was chaired by Mr. A. .A.  Middlecote, a Director in the S.A Bureau of Standards.  On the “Panel” were Mr. J.L. Whitwell also of the S.A. B. S, .Mr. L.B. Cumming, Head of the Consumers’ Branch of the JHB Electricity Dept,  Mr. F. Stern, Sales Director  of a large firm of Domestic Appliances and Mr. L. Thorpe, Regional Manager  of  the National Occupational Safety Association.

THE SUBSEQUENT YEARS: THE EXHIBITION TAKES OFF LIKE A ROCKET!!      During the following subsequent years more halls were negotiated as, now, very many Electrical firms became extremely  keen to participate. Eventually, firms other than those in the electrical industry wanted to ‘climb on the bandwagon’, and the name was changed from  “ELECTRA”  to “THE RAND EASTER SHOW”


THE WHOLE ‘CABOODLE’  MOVES OUT  TO “THE RAND SHOW GROUND” SOUTH OF THE CITY IN 1985                                       Subsequently, the whole thing took off like a rocket until it turned into the mammoth event that it is today. Finally, in 1985, ‘the whole caboodle’ was moved out in the south of Johannesburg to be finally called “The Rand Show Ground”.




SUMMARY                                                                                                                               For anyone who wishes to dispute any of the foregoing, here is a brief Summary of the actual facts:-

FACT: 1  The S. A. Agricultural Society was founded in 1894 and up until the early1960’s they only exhibited Cattle and Farming Equipment :at Milner Park, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

FACT: 2  In the early 1960’s  The ELECTRA EXHIBITION sponsored by The Association of Supervising Electrical Engineers procured one hall from the foregoing where only  Electrical Products were displayed..

FACT: 3 The ELECTRA EXHIBITION was officially opened by Dr. H.G. MONNIG, the Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister in August 1966.

FACT: 4  In 1967 The A.S.E.E. was given its own Auditorium where it held a

big Symposium that centered on Public Safety in the Home..

 FACT: 5 Towards the end of the 1960’s  more halls were procured and the  Exhibition was thrown open to firms other than Electrical ones.

FACT: 6  The name ELECTRA” therefore became a misnomer, and during the 1970’s its name was changed to  “THERAND EASTER SHOW”

FACT: 7 The Rand Easter Show became so big that it became unmanageable at Milner Park, and, in 1985, a huge piece of ground was secured in the Southern part of the City, henceforth to be known as “THE RAND SHOW-GROUNDS”

All the foregoing facts can be easily verified.



It is amazing, when I look back and see, in my mind’s eye, such a simple beginning, namely, a dozen or so of us insignificant ‘Electrical Chaps’ at one of our monthly meetings and someone (it wasn’t me, or I certainly would have remembered!!) saying  “How about us sponsoring an Electrical Exhibition ?  Perhaps we can possibly attract some new blood into our organisation in some way” . At least, I had the honour of being Chairman during these birth-pangs. 

 Out of our tiny mustard- spoonful of earth grew a Mighty Mountain , , , (WOW !!)  

 POST SCRIPT:                                                                                                                            I MYSELF AM APPROACHING NINETY  YEARS  OLD  NOW,  SO I JUST WONDER IF THERE ARE OTHER MEMBERS OF OUR OLD  A.S.E.E. COUNCIL STILL ALIVE  TODAY, LIKE MYSELF,  WHO REMEMBER THOSE  EX CITING TIMES  IN ANCIENT HISTORY ???!!!,