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The main purpose of this Web-Site is to promote a Life Time savings of Wisdom and Humour, , I am now an “Oxygenarian’ , , , (namely when in your 80’s  they put you on Oxygen!!), ,  so I have a terrific collection of same to pass on (otherwise, it would be a great pity to waste it all).

Also, maybe, I might meet up with like-minded folks to our mutual benefit!!

So read on, and enjoy , , , , , , , ,



BIRTH     Allow me to introduce myself, ===  Firstly, my full name, according to my I.D. Book,  is JOHN  HOWARD  DAVIES  and I was born at a very early age, a very Hyper-Active, Highly-Strung child,  so I am told.(I stuttered very badly and had terrible  nervous ‘twitches’), , , ,   When my Father asked the Nurse if it was a girl or a boy, she replied  “We don’t know yet, we are still trying to get it down off the electric light fitting!!

O.K. Let’ get serious, , ,The JOHN HOWARD DAVIES  in the above was quite correct, of course, also the fact that I was “Highly-Strung’.  I was actually born on the 6th April 1926, not in a hospital, but in the back-bedroom of 33 Dawlish Road, Wallasey, Merseyside, England, U.K (where ‘The Beetles’ came from!),.


Good Question !!, , , Very simple, actually, , In my family there were, at one time, two Grandfathers, namely, myself and my Daughter’s Husband’s  Father ‘Hoffie’ (now deceased).  So he was nicknamed “OUTIE” and I was nicknamed “POPPA” !!! , , , , ,  Q.E.D. !!!


I am a Retired Professional Electrical Engineer (Pr.Eng.M.S.A.I.E.E.). My last job was working for 30 years with the Johannesburg Electricity Department, the last 15 years of which, being Consumers Engineer. As such, I was head of a large Department. , , ,Not bad going, considering that I started off, (towards the end of the War) as an Apprentice Electrician on the Liverpool Docks, Merseyside (where “The Beetles” come from!!!). (Sorry if I seem to be blowing my own Fiddle)


Primary and Secondary School in Wallasey, Merseyside. I was “Bombed to Hell and gone” during the War and was evacuated to a Farm in North Wales (a tiny Village called “Caerwys”) and finished my education at The Holywell Grammar School, 8 miles away (where I Matriculated). This was a Co-Educational School and I went from the bottom of the class in the U.K.right to the top of the class in Wales(I was NOT repeat NOT going to be shown up by any ”GIRL”!!!


First I was a Draughtsman at Metropolitan Vickers Ltd.,Manchester, then ditto at Cooke & Ferguson Ltd. Manchester, then as a Sales Engineer at Ferguson Pailin Switchgear Ltd. Manchester The latter then sent me out to South Africa to represent them (where I worked at Rice and Diethelm Ltd. in Jeppe,Johannesburg). When Ferguson Pailin was “Taken Over” by English Electric Ltd. about 6 years later, I managed to get a job as Sales and Contracts Engineer at Johnson and Phillips Ltd. in Driehoek, Germiston. After a few years there, however, I finally escalated to the Johannesburg  Electricity Department, as mentioned above


Being an “Oxygenarian” (i.e. when you are in your 80’s, they put you on Oxygen !!), I have been living  the last 15 years very comfortably in  a Retirement Village, ELPHIN LODGE, Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa. Jean, my Wife, died 10 years ago (January 2001). For the first few years it was like living on another planet. I had so many hilarious experiences my Daughter, Angela, said that I should write a book, , , , which I did (and called it “Suddenly Single”) but I have never bothered to get it published.


“Hobbies?” you ask, , , , Well now, let’s see, , ,  ,


This formed (and still does) a major part of my life. I am a lover of classical music and am a Pianist and a Church Organist. I play the Organ regularly for Church Services at the Chapel at Elphin Lodge as well as at The Aldersgate Methodist Church in Sandringham, Johannesburg. In the distant past, I gave Organ Recitals at the Lunch- Hour- Concerts at theJohannesburgCity Hall. As a Pianist, I played for the Sunnyridge School Choir for practices, concerts and Eisteddfods etc. I was also Pianist for the Arbor Village Choir, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

I was taught the Piano by a pupil of Padderewski at the Manchester School of Music!! (But I very soon realised that I would never shape as a Concert Pianist, so I concentrated on the Organ). .

 The Computer

I just love my Computer and it forms a major part of my life at present. I do all my Finances and Income Tax etc: on Spread- Sheets, and I use “MSWord” extensively to write my “Books” (see above for one of them).  I have compiled a “Jokes Encyclopedia” (over 54,000 words, 154 pages and 33 “Sections”). The trouble, however, is that I am having update it almost daily, as I get new ones coming in over The Internet !!  I also run a “Group” of about 40 souls to whom I email  Jokes and  ‘Pieces of Wisdom’ from time to time. Someone says that my writing is insightful, thought-provoking and humorous. (I often call myself “The Abbot, The Trappist Monk(ey) Monastery, Pofadder”!!).


After my wife died I took up (encouraged by my Daughter, Angela), ”Tailoring” as a distraction. She started me off with little simple things such as Handkerchiefs and Table Mats etc: but very soon I graduated to Shirts.  Now I make nearly all my own shirts. I also make items such as Aprons and Table-Cloths for Elphin Lodge’s Frail Care Section. I also “do” alterations to Men’s Shirts and Trousers for some of the other male Residents in Elphin Lodge. I have fun, buying Ladies Silk Dresses then turning these into Men’s Summer Shirts !!!  Also, when I have made four shirts and have lots of left-over material, I make a fifth “Patchwork Shirt”.  (As the shops say:-” Buy 4 and get one free”)


Here endeth the First Lesson !! , , A-Men , , , , , , ,

“Thank Goodness” you say”, , , , (Hey !! Watch it, , , I heard that!!).



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